NameJosephus W. ZELUFF
Birth11 Apr 1804, Newark, New Jersey1829,1807, p. 224.
Death15 Dec 1889, Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan1829 Age: 85
BurialLockwood Cemetery, Ovid Township, Branch County, Michigan1829
Birthabt 18041829
Deathabt 18671829 Age: 63
ChildrenWilliam Merritt (1825-1911)
 Cynthiana (1832-1914)
 Joseph Melvin (~1834-)
 Caroline B. (~1841-1902)
 Martha M. (Twin) (1841-)
 Maryette (Twin) (1841-1920)
Birthabt 1809, Onondaga, New York1499
Marriage19 Sep 1867, Fawn River Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan1499
Marriage14 Jun 1877, Ovid Township, Branch County, Michigan1807, p. 224.
Notes for Josephus W. ZELUFF

1830 U.S. Census:1811 Elijah and Amos De Waters as well as Joseph W. Zeluff are listed in Skaneateles, Onondaga, County, New York. Elijah and Amos on p. 144 and Joseph on p. 145. There is also an Elijah B. De Waters in Elbridge Township, Onondaga County, New York, p. 83.

1834 Settlement of Ovid Township, Branch County, Michigan:1860, v. 2, p. 55. "Ovid was a vast stretch of uncleared timberland, swamp, lakes and rivers in 1834 when the first settlers came to take up land and build homes. Ovid became a township in March, 1837."

1834 Settlement of Ovid Township, Branch County, Michigan:1862, p. 309. "From the little hamlet of Branch as far north as one cared to travel the territory was one unbroken stretch of wilderness. The Indian trail was the only guide to the traveler, and the bill of fare for the noonday meal was not so elaborate as to require much time in selection, though perhaps the rich saddles of venison might even tempt the palate of the modem epicure. A dish regarded as very inviting was made of green corn planed up or bruised, and baked into a sort of bread. This was not adopted so much for its attractive qualities as because it was convenient. There were no grist-mills near by, and wheat was not as abundant as at present."

Approx. 1836 Neighbors:1860, v. 2, p. 55. "Other early settlers were Samuel Treat, Jared Brooks, Stuart Davis, Daniel Levi, James Wilson, Niles Baldridge, J. W. Zeluff, Fowler Quimby, Reuben Wilson, to name just a few. These were the people who endured the hardships and deprivations to settle and establish Ovid Township as a prosperous and safe place to live."

1837 Neighbors:1862, p. 311. "Jacob Gregg and J. W. Zeluff were on section 9 [by 1837.]"

1838 Voter:1862, p. 312. J. W. Zeluff listed as among a list of voters in Ovid Township in the year 1838.

1839 Land Purchase:1815 On 1 May 1839 the U.S. General Land Office issued Certificate no. 7177 to Joseph W. Zeluff of Branch County, Michigan for 40 acres, Range 6W of Michigan-Toledo Strip, Township 6S, Section 33, sold at the Bronson Land Office.

1840 U.S. Census: J. W. Zeliff, p. 78, Bethel, Branch County, Michigan.

1860 U.S. Census: Josephus W. Zeluff, p. 672, Ovid Township, Branch County, Michigan. Merrit Zelieff, p. 663, Ovid Township, Branch County, Michigan.

1867 Marriage:1499 Josephus W. Zeluff, age 63, resident of Branch County, Michigan, and Mary Ann Dewater, age 57, resident of Fawn River Township, Michigan, born in Onondaga, New York, were married in Fawn River, St. Joseph County, Michigan, on 19 September 1867.

1874 Michigan State Census:1816, v. 2, p. 110. Zeluff, Jos. W., farmer, Ovid; Zeluff, Merritt, farmer, Ovid.

1877 Marriage:1807, p. 224. "Josephus W. Zeluff, 73, born Newark, New Jersey, of Ovid, farmer, married Mary Parshall, maiden name Wyman, age 55, born Vermont, of Ovid, on 14 June 1877 at Ovid, by Stuart Davis (JP), witnessed by Edward F. Davis and Marian Davis, both of Ovid."
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