NameMichael MOSSER 880
Birth11 Jul 1717, Bischwiller, Bas-Rhin, France880
Deathbef 1790, York County, Pennsylvania880 Age: 72
MilitaryRevolutionary War372, v. 2, p. 2114.
FatherSamuel MOSER Sr. (1680-1755)
Death27 Jun 1807, Petersburg, Springfield Township, Columbiana County, Ohio1302, p. 24.,1372, p. 152-153. Age: 89
BurialOld Springfield Cemetery, Springfield Township, Mahoning County, Ohio1372, p. 152-153.
Marriage16 Jan 1741, Bischwiller, Bas-Rhin, France880,2093, As her authority, Donson cites Family History Library Film 0727366.
ChildrenMichael (~1742-~1811)
 Peter (~1744-1808)
 Samuel (~1746-~1808)
 Anna Maria (Died as Infant) (~1749-1751)
 John (~1750-<1826)
 Abraham (~1751-1822)
 John Jacob (1756-<1813)
 Daniel (1759-1817)
Notes for Michael MOSSER

DAR Patriot Index:372, v. 2, p. 2114. Musser, Michael, b. c. 1715 GR, d. 1789 PA, m. Maria Eva —— CS PA.

Biographical Sketch (1932):1372, p. 146. "The earliest existing original tax records of York County, 1762, are carefully preserved in the Pennsylvania Historical Society files in Philadelphia. This thin pamphlet of small yellowing sheets lists three Mossers1372, p. 146. Farley indicates the name is spelled Moser or Mosser, with an occasional Mosir, in York County church and civil records. in York County at that date: Michael in Manchester Township; Christian in Hellam Township; and Samuel, the name of whose township is so defaced as to be illegible. As Samuel purchased land in Springettsbury Manor (now York Township) in 1759,1372, p. 146. As his authority, Farley cites York County deeds, 21-307. it is likely he claimed that as his home.

The earliest map of Springettsbury was made in 1768. Upon it are located the dwellings of Michael and Samuel Moser.1372, p. 146. As his authority, Farley cites Gibson, John, History of York County, p. 88-89. They occupied adjoining farms of 125 acres each. Michael purchased his farm May 5, 1764 from Samuel and his wife, Catherine.1372, p. 146. As his authority, Farley cites York County deeds, 21-307. Michael was designated as a resident of Manchester Township in the deed of transfer. In the church records of Rev. Lyschy, an itinerant missionary, is recorded the baptism, March 5, 1751, of Samuel Jr. son of Samuel Mosser,1372, p. 146. As his authority, Farley cites records in the York County Historical Library, York, Pennsylvania. at Bermudian in what is now Adams County. He was born October 29, 1750."

Biographical Sketch (1932):1372, p. 153. "Michael Mosser's name appears in York County tax records from 1762 to 1783.1372, p. 153. As his authority, Farley cites tax records from 1779 to 1783 in Pennsylvania Archives Series 3, vol. XXI. Dec. 26, 1788, Michael and Maria Eva deeded to their sons Jacob and Daniel the farm they purchased from Samuel in 1754.1372, p. 153. As his authority, Farley cites York County deeds, 2I-208. This is the last record of Michael Mosser in York County. He likely died in 1789, as the U. S. census of 1790 lists a 'widow Mosser' in this township. Interment is supposed to have been in the Mosser private cemetery, now on the farm owned by Eli Wenika in York Township."

Biographical Sketch (1932):1372, p. 152. "Michael was born about 1715. He was a German Lutheran in religious denomination. Nearly all the Mossers appear in records of that church of the German Reformed church. The York County descendants still hold to one of the two faiths. Michael and Maria Eva were members of Christ Lutheran Church in York, where the birth of their son John Jacob was recorded, Feb. 9, 1756. They were likely the 'Michael Mosser and wife' who were sponsors at the baptism of their grandson, Samuel Jr., whose birth is recorded in the records of that church (now in the York County Historical Society), July 14, 1767. It was the German custom for the grandparents to act as sponsors if they were living and could be present.

Michael moved to Springettsbury Manor, now in York Township, about May 5, 1764, when he purchased a 125-acre farm from Samuel. One of the witnesses was his son Abraham Mosser who later went to Ohio. Michael was then living in Manchester Township."

Biographical Sketch (1974):1887 "Michael Moser (1717-1789) Michael and Eva were members of Christ Lutheran Church in York. In 1762 he was living in Manchester Township, York County, but in 1764 he bought land from his brother Samuel and moved to Springsettsbury Manor. In 1788 the farm was deeded to Jacob and Daniel, the two youngest of their seven sons. Eva (1717-1807) is buried in the Old Lutheran Church Cemetery, two miles north of Petersburg, Ohio."

Biographical Sketch (1976):880 "Michael was born on July 11, 1717. On January 16, 1741 he married Eva Maria, daughter of the deceased Melchior Elsasser, a shoemender from Billigheim. Three of their seven sons were baptized at Bischweiler.

Samuel arrived in Philadelphia in 1749 aboard the Christian.103, v. 1, list 130, p. 399-400. Michael arrived the same year aboard the Lydia.103, v. 1, list 142, p. 420-422. Both settled in York Township, York County, Pennsylvania. Samuel owned land in Springsettsbury Manor there in 1759, some of which he sold to his brother Michael in 1764. In 1932 Mr. Belmont Farley, also a descendant of Michael, typed a manuscript which has been located in the Youngstown, Ohio, public library and the Library of Congress, which documents the subsequent history of some of the children of the two brothers.

Michael deeded his Springsettsbury Manor land to his two youngest sons in 1788. He apparently died prior to 1790, as the census for that year lists a 'widow' Mosser in the township. In 1801 she went to Ohio with her sons. Her gravestone in the Old Lutheran Church Cemetery two miles north of Petersburg, Ohio (Mahoning County) reads as follows: 'Eva Mosser was born September 11, 1717. For fifty years she was the wife of Michael Mosser to whom she bore eleven children. She died June 27, 1807 and was buried June 29, 1807.' The seven sons who have been identified are: Michael Jr. (1742-1811), married Mary Anna Shaffer, lived in Beaver County, Pennsylvania; Peter (1744-1808), married Margaret Wortman, acquired four sections of land in Springfield Township, Mahoning County, Ohio in 1800; Samuel (1746-1818), also acquired land in Mahoning County, Ohio; Abraham (died 1822), kept a tavern near Camp Security where captured British soldiers were guarded during the Revolution. He acquired a half-interest in 4,000 acres of land in Tuscarawas County, Ohio using, it is believed, warrants acquired from soldiers in payment of tavern bills as payment; John (died 1826), lived in Straban Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania; John Jacob (born 1756), was baptized at Christ Lutheran Church in York; and Daniel (1759-1817), served in Capt. Fry's Company of 3rd Battalion of York County militia during the Revolution, emigrated to Columbiana County, Ohio, where his will is recorded. It mentions substantial quantities of cloth, leading to the speculation that he may have been a weaver.

The spelling 'Musser' as well as 'Mosser' is used by this family in America."

1741 Marriage:2093, As her authority, Donson cites Family History Library Film 0727366. Translated and transcribed from church records of Bischwiller Reformed Church: "1741 16 January were married Hans Michael Moosser the single day-laborer here, legitimate son of Samuel Mooser, citizen-resident here, with Eva Maria, legitimate surviving daughter of the deceased Melchior Elsasser, citizen and shoemaker at Billigheim."

1758 Blimyer’s Church:1452, v. 1, p. 1106. "St. John’s Lutheran and Reformed church is situated south of Dallastown, and is familiarly known as ‘Blimyer’s Church.’ Among the original German settlers of this locality, an organization was effected as early as 1758, and a small log house for church and school purposes was built. The pastor served as a teacher. It was then the only church in a large extent of territory. Tradition says some of the members who worshipped here before 1800 came a distance of twelve miles. The religious services for more than a hundred years were conducted in the German language and many of the pastors were native German."

1751 Death of daughter Anna Maria:2092, v. 1, p. 195-196. Daughter Anna Maria, about 2 years of age, died in Grünwettersbach, Germany while father Micahel Mosser was "on his way to Pennsylvania."

1751 Immigration:103, v. 1, list 176, p. 475-477. Hans Michel Moser, a passenger on the Ship Duke of Wirtenberg, which arrived from Rotterdam, on 16 October 1751, with 169 passengers who subscribed to the qualifications. A total of 406 passengers were aboard.

1756 Baptism of Son John Jacob:1568, v. 2, p. 158. John Jacob Moser of Michael and Maria Eva, born February 29, 1756, baptized August 29, 1756. Performed at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, City of York, York County, Pennsylvania.

1760/64 Immigration:972 "Between 1760 and 1764 forty Bischweiler families left that town for America." List includes Johann Michael Moser, Samuel Moser, and E. M. Elsasser. [Note: Given the presence of Michael and Samuel Mosser in York County church and land records from the 1750s, presume there is an error in the dates with regard to this source. Needs further research.]

1767 Baptism of Grandson Samuel:1568, v. 2, p. 193. Michael Moser and wife witnessed the baptism of grandson Samuel Moser on 23 October, 1767, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Moser.

1769 Tax List, York Township, York County, Pennsylvania:1452, v. 1, p. 1105. Michael Moser listed in 1769 tax list of York Township, which in 1769 embraced most of the are of Springsettsbury and Spring Garden townships, as the owner of 100 acres. Samuel Moser Jr. and Sr. also listed as taxpayers.

1772/1776 York County Offices:1410 "He was a supervisor York Township, York County, Pennsylvania in 1772, York Township collector in 1774, and constable, York Township in 1776."

1779 Tax List, York Township, York County, Pennsylvania:1546, (Michael Mosser Sr., p. 144) Michael Mosser Sr. listed as owning 100 acres with 1 horse and 1 cow, levied a tax of 20.0.0.

1780 Tax List, York Township, York County, Pennsylvania:1547, (Michael Mosser, p. 179) Michael Mosser listed as owning 150 acres and 1 cow, levied a tax of 16.13.0.

1781 Tax List, York Township, York County, Pennsylvania:1548, (Michael Mosser, p. 344) Michael Mosser listed as owning 100 acres and 1 ocw, levied a tax of 1.14.4

1782 Tax List, York Township, York County, Pennsylvania:1549, (Michael Mosser Sr., p. 574) Michael Mosser Sr. listed as owning 100 acres and 2 cows, levied a tax of 3.16.9.

1783 Tax List, York Township, York County, Pennsylvania:1545, (Michael Mosser, Sr., p. 673) Michael Mosser Sr. listed as having 1 male and 1 female in the household and owning 100 acres.
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