NameWilliam LERCH 855, p. 18.
Deathaft 1800, Heidelberg Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania855, p. 19. Age: 75
FatherCaspar LERCH (~1694-<1766)
Mother(Anna) Margaretha FUCHS (~1693-<1732)
ChildrenMaria Elisabetha (1752-)
 Catherine (1754-1844)
 Maria Catherina (1755-)
 Johann Christopher (1758-1823)
 Maria Margaretha (1762-1844)
 Johann Wilhelm (1764-)
 Johann Phillip (1766-1846)
 Johannes (1767-1841)
Notes for William LERCH

Biographical Sketch (1985):1513, p. 24. "Wilhelm was an indentured servant after arrival in America, growing up on a farm in Cumru Township. It is known that he purchased 50 acres of land in Heidelberg Township in 1747, then in Lancaster County, as Berks County was not erected until 1752. At the time of the 1767 tax list he owned 100 acres in Heidelberg Township. On 15 June 1778 he sold his land to Nicholas Glass (Deed Book B3, p. 340).

His household was listed in the 1790 census as two males over 16 and two females. By 1800 he had disappeared from the area. It has been noted that he left Berks County because of a quarrel with his brother, Nicholas. He may also have quarreled with his father because he, as the eldest son, would have normally stood to inherit the majority of the estate of his father upon his demise. Instead, the property was passed on to his brother, Christopher (Stophel). Speculation abounds as to where Wilhelm spent the remainder of his life, but York County does get mentioned frequently. He may have been influenced by one of the Moravian migrations like others in his family. It is known that his family Bible or a facsimilie thereof was located in the home of Clarence Lerch of Rockford, Illinois, in 1934. Clarence was a descendant of John Phillip Lerch, one of Wilhelm’s sons (Ottie K. Sutton, written communication, 23 October 1983.)"

1738 Immigration:855, p. 19. "Immigrated with parents Caspar Lerch and Anna Margaretha Fuchs and brothers Nicholas and Yost, sailing from Rotterdam on the Queen Elizabeth, arriving in 1738." Johannes Wilhelm would have been 13 years old, too young to ordinarily be listed on the ship’s manifest.

1741 Indenture:
1513, p. 5. William was indentured to William Jones, a Welsh settler fo Cumru Township and son of early Welsh baptist preacher, the Rev. Thomas Jones.

1765 Naturalization:1268 "Naturalized 9-8-1765 were Nicholas & William Lerch of Heidelberg Township, Berks County."

1766 Bequest:1513, p. 23. Father Caspar Lerch bequeathed to "my son, William Lark, the sum of 25 pounds current money of Pennsylvania to be pad within 11 years after the date of this will and testament."

1767 Tax List, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:1561, (William Lerck, p. 83) William Lerck listed as farmer, owning 100 acres, 4 horses, 2 cows, no sheep, who was levied a tax of 5.

1768 Tax List, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:1562, (Wm. Lerch, p. 110) William Lerch listed as owning 100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, and no sheep, who was levied a tax of 8.

1774 Executor of brother's Estate:2187 William Lerch named executor of the estate of his half brother Baltzer Lerch, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, 16 May 1774.

1779 Tax List, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:
1563, (Wm. Lerch, p. 202) William Lerch listed as owning 200 acres, 4 horses, 4 cows, and who was levied a tax of 1,680.

1780 Tax List, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:1564, (William Lerch, p. 321) William Lerch listed as owning 200 acres, 4 horses, 6 cows, and who was levied a tax of 35.0.0.

1783 Executor for Brother-In-Law's Estate:
59 William Lerch named as executor for the estate of Jacob Strunk, Heidelberg Township. William is identified as the brother-in-law of Jacob.

1790 U.S. Census:1940
Pennsylvania, Berks County, Bern Township
Head of Household •• William Lerch
Males over 16 •• 2 << William, about age 65
Females •• 2 << Margaret, about age 64
Possible unmarried children still in household or perhaps a married child and their spouse
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