NameJohn FRAME
Deathbef 6 Aug 1750, Augusta County, Virginia559, v. 2, p. 436 (Augusta Parish Vestry Book, p. 31),1092
FatherJames FRAME (-1754)
ChildrenDavid (<1742-)
 Mary (~1741-)
 William (1745-<1812)
 John (~1748-)
Notes for John FRAME

1742 Military Service:559, v. 2, p. 508 (Musters of Augusta County, 1742),1107 John Frame listed as part of the Muster of Augusta County in Captain James Cathey’s List.

1745 Land Purchase:559, v. 2, p. 378 (Augusta County Land Entry Book no. 1) May 5, 1745 John Frame, 400 acres on the lines of Hugh Duglass and a place of Thomas Stevenson.

1746 Land Purchase:559, v. 2, p. 379 (Augusta County Land Entry Book no. 1) August 11, 1746, John Frame, 150 acres joining his own, John Campbell’s, and McKeys’s.

1750 Death:1092 John Frame died intestate about 1750, indicated in 1762 lawsuit by David Frame against Joseph Hanna concerning ownership of 136 acres on a branch of Naked Creek.

1750 Child Support:559, v. 2, p. 436 (Augusta Parish Vestry Book, p. 31) John Frame was dead by August 6, 1750, when local officials determined that £4 was to be paid Margaret Frame, a poor widow woman, for support for her children.

1760 Land Purchase:559, v. 3, p. 553 (Augusta County Deed Book no. 22, p. 205),1094 On 29 May 1760 King George II granted "150 acres on a south branch of Naked Creek" to John Frame, originally purchased in 1746.

1762 Legal Matter:1092 May 1762. Suit filed in Augusta County Court indicates that twelve years earlier John Frame and Joseph Hanna jointly patented "136 acres on a branch of Naked Creek below the land of the said Hannah and John Frame"1093 shortly before John Frame’s death; that Joseph Hanna entered the deed in his own name but was responsible for establishing 70 acres in John Frame’s name; that David Frame was John Frame’s oldest son and heir’ that Margaret Frame was John Frame’s widow; that John Frame died intestate; that additional funds were collected from Margaret Frame by Joseph Hanna towards purchase of the 70 acres; and that a deed had not yet been issued to Margaret Frame for the 70 acres.
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