NameFrederick FROMM 817
Birth19 Mar 1751, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania817
Death22 Mar 1814, Potter Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania817 Age: 63
BurialEmmanuel Union Church, Tusseyville, Centre County, Pennsylvania1966
MilitaryRevolutionary War
FatherFrederick FROMM (1710-~1774)
MotherMaria Barbara HIMMELMAN (1712-1798)
Birthabt Sep 17521966
Death10 Feb 1831, Potter Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania817 Age: 78
BurialEmmanuel Union Church, Tusseyville, Centre County, Pennsylvania1966
ChildrenElisabeth (ch. 1776-)
 Magdelena (1782-)
 Frederick (1785-1846)
 Catherine (~1785-)
 Susannah (1784-1823)
 Jonas (1788-1874)
 Sarah (1791-)
 Johannes (1793-<1817)
Notes for Frederick FROMM

Emmanuel Union Church:1310 "The church has been known throughout the years by many different names. It was known in the early years as the Earley or Loop Church. It was also referred to as Churchville, and later, the Tusseyville Church. The correct name of the church is the Emmanuel Union Church."

1779 Tax List, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:1563, (Fred’k From, p. 200) Fred’k From listed as owning 150 acres, 3 horses, 6 cows, and was levied a tax of 640.

1780 Tax List, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:1564, (Fred’k From, p. 319) Frederick From listed as owning 200 acres, 4 horses, 5 cows, and who was levied a tax of 23.0.0.

1781 Tax List, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:1565, (Didrich. From, p. 447) Listed as Didrich. From, owning 200 acres, 4 horses, 5 cows, and who was levied a tax of 4.13.4.

1782 Baptism:738, v. 1, p. 118. Friedrich Fromm and wife Christina baptized daughter Magdalena, b. 19 April 1782. From Waldschmidt records, Lancaster County.

1784 Tax List, Bern township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:1566, (Fred’k From, p. 575) Frederick From listed as owning 100 acres, 2 horses, 5 cattle, and 4 sheep, with 5 persons in the household.

1785 Tax List, Bern Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:1567, (Frederick Frum, p. 706) Frederick Frum listed as owing a tax of 1.3.0.

1810 U.S. Census:2010
Pennsylvania, Berks County, Bern Township
Head of Family •• Frederick From
Males 16-26 •• 3 << son John, about age 17; son Jonas, about age 22; son Frederick, about age 25
Males 45 and over •• 1 << Frederick, age 59
Females 16-26 •• 2 << daughter Sarah, about age 18; daughter Susanna, about age 24
Females 26-45 •• 1
Females 45 and over •• 1 << wife Cristana

1814 Tombstone:1307,1966 Emmanuel Union Church, Tusseyville, Centre County, Pennsylvania. (Emmanuel United Christ Church, Tusseyville Church, Emmanuel Church, and the Loop Church are all the same church, according to another Stamm2337 researcher. There is a plaque on the church which says: Emmanuel's Church, Built A.D. 1837, Remodeled A.D. 1879)
Hiel Ruhel
Frederich From
Starb den 22m Meriz 1814
Ist All Worden 63 Iahrimd
3 tase

Revolutionary War Marker: Emmanuel Union Church, Tusseyville, Centre County, Pennsylvania
Frederick Cristina
1751-1814 1752-1831

1817 Estate Release:1632 On 28 April 1817 Frederick Fromm and his wife Polly released their rights to the tract of land belonging to Frederick Fromm, deceased. The release names the legal heirs of Frederick Fromm as follows: "the said Frederick From dying intestate seized and possessed in fee of the said tract of land with the appurtenances which became the property of the legal heirs of the said deceased, which Frederick and Jonas From, parties to these presents did take, at the appraisement, and which the remaining heirs, to wit, Frederick Neighman and Barbara his wife, Daniel Frybarger and Catherine his wife, Daniel Boone and Magdalena his wife, Daniel Stem and Sally his wife, Elizabeth From and Susan From heirs and legal representatives of the said Frederick From, deceased, did by their pleas bearing the date the eighth day of April A.D. 1816, grant, sell, and release . . . " This document released Frederick and Polly From's share of the land to Jonas From for $2,444.71. It is likely this was done in preparation for Frederick and Polly's departure for Ohio.

2000 Tombstone Note:1965 "They are buried in the oldest part of the cemetery. At that time they did not sell four grave lots like they do now. A lot was purchased when a person died and they were buried in the next available spot in that particular row. A wife could be buried several rows from her husband depending upon how much later she died. Christana's original tombstone is made of red sandstone and is about three feet tall. Frederick’s stone is also red sandstone but was broken at some time so that only about two feet is left. It probably was broken and laid on the ground for years. There was a period of time when the cemetery was very poorly maintained. After awhile the care improved and the broken stone was placed at a location near his wife's grave but in a row with people buried a few years later. The new tombstone which has both their names on was placed near Christana's at the very first row in the cemetery. This new stone was placed by the DAR from Fort Pontchartrain to show that Frederick was a soldier in the Revolutionary War."
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