NameEliza Ellen TAYLOR
Birth5 Jun 1854, Tuscarawas County, Ohio388
Death17 Dec 1924, Wapakoneta, Auglaize County, Ohio388,1889 Age: 70
Burial19 Dec 1924, Fairmont Cemetery, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio388,171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 223.
OccupationProprietor of General Store
FatherAbraham TAYLOR (1819-1900)
MotherLydia STAMM (1831-1903)
Birth19 Apr 1843, Tuscarawas County, Ohio171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 223.
Death25 Oct 1898, Uniopolis, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio312 Age: 55
BurialFairmont Cemetery, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio171, v. 1, bk. 2, p. 223.
OccupationMerchant547,32, p. 45.
FatherJoseph TAYLOR (1812-1896)
MotherAdaline MEYERS (1817-1889)
Marriage20 Jun 1872, Allen County, Ohio348
ChildrenAlbertus R. "Bert" (~1874-)
 Arthur F. (Died as Infant) (1875-1876)
 Edward L. (1877-1940)
 Rolla (Died as Infant) (1881-1881)
 Lillian Adelaide (1882-1963)
 Lorena Jane (1887-)
 Nettie Louisa (1890-1954)
 Lulu Marie (1893-1976)
Notes for Eliza Ellen TAYLOR

1854 Birth:388,1889 Birth date of 5 June 1854 and birth place of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, taken from death certificate; informant was daughter Lorena Taylor McGoff. Assume the entry in Auglaize County, Ohio, Early Births Before Probate Records, 1830's-1869164, p. 168. giving birth place of birth as Auglaize County, Ohio is erroneous.

1860 U.S. Census:2899 Eliza E. enumerated in the household of her father Abraham Taylor in Uniopolis, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio as a female, age 6, born in Ohio, attended school within the year.

1870 U.S. Census:392 Eliza enumerated in the household of her father Abraham Taylor in Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio as a female, age 16, born in Ohio.

1880 U.S. Census:394 Eliza enumerated in the household of her husband Henry Taylor in Uniopolis, Auglaize County, Ohio as a female, age 26, born in Ohio.394

1899 Letter:177 Handwritten letter on letterhead stationery of Henry Taylor, Dealer in General Merchandise. Uniopolis, Ohio, Feb. 21, 1899, Hon. Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D.C. Dear Sirs: In regard to that accrued pension, I was disappointed in not getting it. I will get the affidavit. When the Notary fixed out the papers, I signed my name Ellen Taylor. I have a double name, Eliza Ellen. I thought I would explain so you will know it is the same person. Let me hear from you. Very Resp., [signed] Eliza Ellen Taylor.

1900 U.S. Census:940
Ohio, Auglaize, Union Township, Uniopolis
Enumerated 15 June 1900
Eliza E. Taylor •• head, white, female, born June 1854, age 45, widow, mother of 9 children, 7 children still living, born in Ohio, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Ohio, no occupation listed, can read, can write, can speak English
Edward •• son, white, male, born Nov. 1877, age 22, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, student, not employed 8 months, can read, can write, can speak English
Lillian A •• daughter, white, female, born Oct. 1882, age 17, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, clerk grocery, not employed 6 months, can read, can write, can speak English
Jessie F •• daughter, white, female, born July 1884, age 15, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, in school, attended school 8 months, can read, can write, can speak English
Lorena J •• daughter, white, female, born May 1887, age 13, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, in school, attended school 8 months, can read, can write, can speak English
Netta L •• daughter, white, female, born Feb. 1890, age 10, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, in school, attended school 8 months, can read, can write, can speak English
Marie •• daughter, white, female, born Sep. 1893, age 6, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio

1905 Description of Uniopolis:27, p. 764. The business of the village is quite extensive for an inland village. There are two general stores, one of them owned by Carter & Burden, and the other by Mrs. H. Taylor and Charles Taylor. These stores keep a full line of goods, and are doing a large and lucrative business. There are two hardware stores, one owned by W. R. Green, and the other by W. A. Carter. One hotel ‘entertains man and beast,’ as the old sign used to read. This hotel is conducted in such a manner as to place it above the average country house of entertainment. Two restaurants and one saloon supply the public demands on those lines. Two blacksmiths and one wagon shop are kept busy the year around. The flouring mill owned by A. P. Rinehart has no superior in the county. The lumber yard and sawmill of S. E. Blank have been doing a large and profitable business for several years. The tile factory of W. T. Orr supplies nearly the entire eastern portion of the county with the products of his industry."

1905 Letter:177 Letter, undated but probably 1905, denying Eliza Taylor a pension due to the evidence showing "that the claimant [Eliza Ellen Taylor] has a net annual income in excess of $250, she is not therefore dependent in the meaning of the act of June 27, 1890, as amended by the act of May 9, 1900, and not entitled to a pension." The Commissioner of Pensions, Sir: Joseph H. Taylor, who served as a sergeant in Company H and E, 81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, was in receipt of a pension under the provisions of the act of June 27, 1890, at the rate of $10 per month on account of disability due to rheumatism and disease of the heart. He departed this life October 25, 1898 leaving surviving him his widow Eliza E. Taylor who on August 30, 1900, filed her application for a pension under the act of June 27, 1890, as amended by the act of May 9, 1900, alleging therein that she was without other means of support than her daily labor and an actual net income not exceeding $250 per year.

This application was rejected August 28, 1903, on the ground of non dependence. The claimant being in possession of property which produced a net annual income of more than $250.

On December 17, 1903, the claimant filed another application under said acts which was rejected July 13, 1904, on the same grounds and on August 2, 1904, she filed her third application under said acts. This application was rejected November 11, 1904, on the ground that the evidence filed in support of the claim since the former action failed to show any material change in the claimant's financial condition and said adverse action was adhered to.

From this action the claimant by her attorney appealed December 3, 1904, contending that such action was unjust as the evidence on file in the case would show that she was entitled to a pension under said acts.

The case was referred to a special examiner in June 1904 [1905?], before whom the claimant appeared and testified. Also her son and three of her neighbors. These witnesses all seem to agree in their testimony as to the material facts in the case. The testimony of the son however is more definite than the claimant's and he appears to have a better knowledge of the claimant's financial condition. His testimony will therefore be referred to herein. He testified that he was 26 years of age and was the executor of the soldier's estate. That the personal property of the estate had been divided among the heirs, his mother, receiving her share though he did not remember what it amounted to, but she took the merchandise in the store, and did not remember whether she received any money besides the stock of goods or not. The real estate had not been divided. It consisted of a farm of 150 acres and a tract of 23 acres of land near the City of Uniopolis, Ohio. Two vacant lots and a lot upon which the claimant's residence and store were situated. That he and four of the other heirs lived with the claimant and no account was kept of the living expenses, or of his mother's share of the same. The stock of merchandise that she owned was worth about $2,000. That the claimant employed him to help run the store paying him $5 per week. That the supplies for the family were taken out of the store, and no account whatever was kept of it. In the year 1903, the sales in the store averaged $10 per day. That they figured on getting twenty per cent profits on the same. That year they ran a huckster wagon from which their sales were about $10 a day. That the farm was rented for their share of the wheat $70, corn $140, hay $50, hogs $55, cattle $80, besides the fruit and vegetables. The 23 acres tract was in pasture for which they had received $8 besides the pasture of their two horses, cow and some colts. Did not think that the farm could be rented for more than $300 cash rent. That the residence could not be rented for more than $10 per month. That the insurance on the stock of goods was $12, on the brick store building $22.50 for one year, on the residence $23.35 for one year, and on the farm buildings $8.35 for one year. In the year 1903, there was expended for repairing fences on the farm $19, wind mill and pump $8, and for digging a well $22.80. Painting roof of store building and residence $17; fixing fences on the 23 acre tract $3 — making a total expenditure for repair of $69.00 which should be estimated to cover a series of years, probably three years. The claimant or her son failed to give any testimony relative to the amount of taxes paid on the property, though in their affidavits filed in the case they state that the taxes would average $28 per annum; also $4 on a vacant lot. In those affidavits they estimate the claimant's income from the store as $525.00 per annum.

It further appears from their testimony that in the year 1903, the claimant borrowed $1,000 which she used in paying bills for merchandise in her store and upon which she pays 6 per cent interest per annum amounting to $60.

Taking the estimate made by the claimant's son of the profits from the daily sales in the store of 20 per cent the claimant's income from that source would be $624.00. Assuming the statement made in their former affidavits to be more correct her income from that source would be $525.00. From the sale of grain from the farm, $403.00. Rent of the residence at $10 per month which is properly estimated as a part of her income $120.00. Total income $1048. Repairs, $69.00; insurance, $66.20; taxes, $32.00; interest on the $1,000 borrowed money, $60.00; paid her son for his services in store per annum, $240.00. Total expenditures $467.20. Recapitulation — Total income $1048.00. Net annual income $580.80. Estimating the cash rent of the farm at $300 per annum would only lessen her net income about $100. The repairs of $69 have been credited to the claimant as of one year in the above estimate. The claimant in her affidavit credits herself with $120 part of her expenditures as store rent. This is an improper credit as there is no evidence whatever she has an undivided interest. There are other items in her affidavit with which she gives herself credit. They are not sufficient however to materially change the status of this case if they should be admitted.

The claimant and her witnesses estimate the value of the farm at $7,500. The tract of 23 acres at $1,150. The residence and store building at $500, and the vacant lot at $75, in which real estate the claimant has one third life interest.

The Department concludes that the claimant's net annual income exceeds the sum of $250. She is not therefore dependent under said acts, and is not entitled to a pension.

The action of the Bureau is hereby affirmed and the papers in the case are herewith returned. Very respectfully,
[signed M. M. Miller] Assistant Secretary.

1906 Pension:177 Widow's Pension. No. 703,642 Claimant Eliza E. Taylor. Soldier Joseph H. Taylor. PO Uniopolis. Rank Sergeant Co. E. County Auglaize, Ohio. Regiment 81 Ohio Vol. Inf. Rate $8 per month commencing October 5, 1906 and $2 additional for each child, as follows: Lulu M. Taylor, born September 27, 1893; sixteen September 26, 1909; commencing October 5, 1906.

1910 U.S. Census:957
Ohio, Auglaize, Uniopolis Village
Enumerated 14 May 14 1910
Eliza E. Taylor •• head, female, white, 53, widowed, 9 children born of this marriage, 7 children still living, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, native language English, own income, able to read, able to write, own home free of mortgage
Albertus R. •• son, male, white, 36, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, native language English, barber, able to read, able to write
Edward •• son, male, white, 32, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, native language English, able to read, able to write
Nettie L •• daughter, female, white, 20, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, native language English, able to read, able to write
Lulu M •• daughter, female, white, 16, single, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, native language English, able to read, able to write

1916 Visit to Rockport:2891 "Mrs. Ellen Taylor, of Wapakoneta, is here visiting her sisters, Mrs. Albert Cook and Mrs. Albert Mayberry and family."

1920 U.S. Census:947 Ellen Taylor enumerated in household of son-in-law Howard Benner in Wapakoneta, Auglaize County, Ohio as mother-in-law, female, white, 67, widowed, able to read, able to write, born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, able to speak English.

1924 Death Certificate:388,1889 Taylor, Eliza Ellen; date of death, Dec. 17, 1924; place of death, Auglaize County, Wapakoneta; female, white, widow; born, June 5, 1854; age 70 years, 6 months, 12 days; occupation, retired; born, Tuscarawas County, Ohio; father, Abraham Taylor, born in Pennsylvania; maiden name of mother, Lydia Stamm, born in Pennsylvania; informant, Mrs. Joseph McGoff, Wapakoneta, Ohio; burial, Fairmont Cemetery, Dec. 19, 1924.

1924 Obituary:549 Prominent Woman Dies During Night. Mrs. Ellen Taylor is found Dead in Her Bed by Daughter Early Today - Suffered Heart Attack. Mrs. Ellen Taylor, 70, widow of Henry Taylor of Union Township, was found dead in her bed at her home at the McGoff-Benner residence on West Auglaize Street at 6:30 Wednesday morning, December 17, 1924, by her daughter, Mrs. Joe McGoff.

Immediate cause of Mrs. Taylor’s death is thought to be dilation of the hart. Mrs. Taylor had attended the Woman’s club meeting Tuesday evening. Upon her return home about 11 o’clock she was taken ill and her condition became alarming to her daughters, Mrs. Joe McGoff and Mrs. Howard Benner with whom she resided. About 3:30 a.m., however, her condition appeared to be much better and she was resting quietly. Her daughters retired. At 4:15, when Mrs. McGoff went to her beside, she apparently was sleeping, and did not disturb her. When Mrs. McGoff went to the sick room again at 6:30 a.m., she found her mother’s form cold in death, life having fled while she slept.

Mrs. Taylor has been visiting for several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Musser, west of the city, since the death of the latter’s husband on November 1, and only a few days ago returned to her home with Mrs. McGoff and Mrs. Benner. Announcement of her passing was received with no little shock and surprise by her many friends in the city and county where she has been prominent for many years.

Mrs. Taylor was born in Uniopolis on June 5, 1854. She was a daughter of Abraham and Lydia Taylor. She spent her girlhood in that village and in 1872 was united in marriage with Henry Taylor. Six children were born to this union all of whom survive. For a number of years Mr. and Mrs. Taylor resided on a farm in Uniopolis. Later, following the death of her husband, Mrs. Taylor moved to this city and has since made her home here.

Surviving Mrs. Taylor are her six children: Mrs. Howard Benner, Mrs. Joe McGoff, Mrs. Lillian Musser and Edward Taylor, all of this city; A. R. Taylor of Detroit; and Mrs. Frank H. Weber, formerly Miss Marie Taylor, now residing in China. The following named brothers and sisters also survive: Frank Taylor, Lima; John Taylor, Van Wert; Chas. Taylor, Uniopolis; George Taylor and Mrs. Glenn Spicer, Toledo, and Mrs. Albert Maybury, Beaverdam.

Mrs. Taylor was a member of the Christian Science Church at Lima. Funeral services will be held at the Benner-McGoff residence, Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Burial in Fairmount cemetery.

1924 Obituary:554 Sudden Death Today of Mrs. Ellen Taylor. Well Known Lady Passed Away at One O’clock Following a Brief Illness. The community was shocked this morning at the announcement of the passing of Mrs. Ellen Taylor, one of the best known and most beloved women of the community. Mrs. Taylor had been in her usual health and in the evening had attended a meeting of the Woman’ club, of which she was a member. After returning home she complained of not feeling well and her daughter, Mrs. Jos. McGoff, with whom she made her home remained at her bedside until she told her to retire saying she felt much better. Her condition did not approve [i.e. improve], however, and she gradually grew worse until the end which came peacefully at about 5 o’clock.

Mrs. Eliza Ellen Taylor was born in Tuscarawas County about seventy years ago, she came with her parents when a small child to Uniopolis, where the family located and spent the remainder of their lives. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Taylor, both of whom were born in Pennsylvania. She was united in marriage to Mr. Henry Taylor at Uniopolis where the family made their home until Mrs. Taylor’s death. Mr. Taylor conducted a large general merchandise store in that village and was one of the most widely known men in the eastern part of the county.

Mr. Taylor passed way many years ago and for a time Mrs. Taylor continued her residence in Uniopolis but later came to Wapakoneta where she could be with her children who had located here. She was a woman of pleasing personality, was beloved by all who knew her, and her sudden and unexpected death has brought great sorrow to the hearts of her many friends. Her devotion to her family was beautiful and will leave a lasting impression in their lives.

To mourn her departure are the children: Mrs. J. H. Musser, Mrs. Jos. McGoff, Mrs. Howard Benner and Edward Taylor of this City; Mrs. Frank Weber of Chung King, China, and Bert Taylor of Detroit. Three brothers, John Taylor, of Van Wert, George Taylor of Toledo and Chas. Taylor of Uniopolis and one sister living in Indiana together with seven grandchildren survive her passing.

Funeral services will probably be held Friday. The death of Mrs. Taylor suggests the beautiful line of the poet when he said:

You are not dead — Life has but set you free!
Your years of life were like a lovely song,
The last sweet poignant notes of which, held long,
Passed into silence while we listened we
Who loved you, listened still expectantly!
And we about you whom you moved among

Would feel that grief for you were surely wrong —
You have passed beyond where we can see!

1924 Tombstone:171, v. 1, p. 2, p. 223. Fairmont Cemetery, Union Township, Auglaize County, Ohio.
Ellen Taylor
b. June 5, 1854
d. Dec. 17, 1924
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