NameChristian MUSSER
Birthabt 1824, Baden or Alsace Lorraine765,707
Deathbef 1880, probably Hartford Township, Adams County, Indiana2112 Age: 56
OccupationMiner, Cabinetmaker764,765
MilitaryCivil War, California Volunteer Infantry, 6th, Co. C767
Birthabt 1825, Ireland765,707
ChildrenJohn F. (1849-1914)
 Joseph (~1852-<1921)
 Kate (1853-1944)
 Alex (~1854-<1921)
 George Washington (1862-1921)
Deathbef 1880, probably Hartford Township, Adams County, Indiana2112
ChildrenAlbert (1870-1957)
Notes for Christian MUSSER

Biographical Sketch (1917):30, v. 2, p. 722. "Christian Musser, was born in Germany, came to America and was a California pioneer. After some experience in the western mines he returned to the Middle West and was a farmer in Nebraska. He also took part as a soldier in the War with Mexico."

1847 War with Mexico, Battle of Vera Cruz:1639 9 March 1847, 10,000 U.S. troops landed on beaches by Navy at Vera Cruz; 9-29 March 1847, Siege and bombardment of Vera Cruz; 29 March 1847, Mexican forces at Vera Cruz capitulate.

1850 U.S. Census:764
Yuba County, California
Christian Musser •• 26 male, miner, born in Germany
(Lines 1 through 11 comprise dwelling/family 449: all males, listed as miners)
Anne Musser •• 16 female, housekeeper, born in Germany
(Lines 12 through 17 comprise dwelling/family 450: all females, listed as housekeepers)

1852 California State Census:126, p. 255.
Sacramento County, California
C. Musser •• 28 white male, farmer, born in Germany, last residence New York
M. Musser •• 25 white female, born in Ireland, last residence New York
John Musser •• 3 white male, born in California, last residence Sacramento

1860 Sacramento, California City Directory:1196, p. vii-viii. C. Musser listed as an officer of the Pacific Star Division of the Sons of Temperance in the City of Sacramento. The Pacific Star Division had 75 members, while the statewide membership was 3,500.

1860 U.S. Census:765
Sacramento County, California (Fourth Ward of Sacramento)
Enumerated 7 August 1860
Chris Musser •• 36 male, cabinet maker, real property value: $1,200; personal property value: $700; born in Baden
Mary •• 35 female, born in Ireland
John •• 11 male, born in California, in school within the year
Joseph •• 8 male, born in California, in school within the year
Kate •• 6 female, born in California, in school within the year
Alex •• 5 male, born in California
Eliza Clement •• 40 female, nurse, born in Ireland

1861 Land Patent:1633 Christian Musser deposited Warrant no. 75732 with the United States General Land Office for 160,000 acres at Marysville, California, then assigned the land to Michael Covert, who in turn assigned the land to William H. H. Copp.

1863-65 California 6th Volunteer Infantry Regiment:8, p. 720-722. This regiment was organized early in 1863. The headquarters of the regiment was established at Benicia, where the companies were assembled as they completed the organization. Henry M. Black, then a Captain in the Ninth U.S. Infantry, was appointed Colonel. The field and staff officers were mustered out at Benicia Barracks October 31, 1865.

Company C: Company C was mustered into the Service of the United States, October 20, 1863. left Benicia Barracks February 15, 1864, and arrived at Fort Humboldt, Cal., February 17, 1864. Same day ordered to scout after Indians. Returned to Arcata, February 27, 1864. March 1, 1864, ordered to camp at Boynton’s Prairie. Arrived same day. Company on scout from this camp until July 8, 1864, when it was ordered to Camp Jaqua. Arrived same day. On scout from this camp from July 10 to October 30, 1864, killing and capturing forty Indians. October 10, 1864, the company left Camp Jaqua for Fort Humboldt. Arrived October 11, 1864. Left Fort Humboldt May 8, 1865, for Camp Lincoln, and arrived May 10, 1865. Distance marched by company during eight months’ active campaigning against Indians amounts to nearly two thousand miles. The company was on duty at Camp Lincoln, Humboldt County, until it was ordered to the Presidio, San Francisco, for final muster out, which took place December 15, 1865.

1863/65 Military Service:8, p. 736.,767 Christian Musser. Rank: Sergeant. Place of enrollment: Marysville, Cal. Date of enlistment: April 20, 1863. Date of muster: Aug. 12, 1863. Remarks: Discharged at Benicia Barracks, Cal., Oct. 31, 1865, pursuant to instructions from Dept. Commander.

1863 Company Muster-In Roll:1054 Christian Musser, Pvt., Co. C, 6th Regiment California Infantry, age 38 years, appears on Company Muster-In Roll of the organization named above. Roll dated Benicia Barracks, California, Oct. 20, 1863. Muster in Date: August 12, 1863. Joined for duty and enrolled: when, Apr. 31, 1863; where, Marysville; period 3 years. Bounty due: $25.00; Remarks: Mustered in at Benicia Barracks, California, by Maj. P. Woodruff, 12th Infantry, August 12, 1863.

1863 Company Descriptive Book:1054 Christian Musser, Co. C, 6th Regiment California Infantry appears on company descriptive book of the organization named above. Description: age 38 years; height 5 feet, 5 inches; complexion, light; eyes, blue; hair, dark; where born, Baden, Germany; occupation, mechanic. Enlistment: when, April 30, 1863; where, Marysville, California; by whom, Capt. Buckley; term, 3 years; remarks: Mustered in at Benicia Barracks, California, by Maj. Woodruff, Aug. 12, 1863; appointed Sergeant, Oct. 20, 1863; warrant issued, ??? 17, 1863.

1863/65 Muster Rolls:1054 Appointed Sergeant 20 October 1863 per Regiment Order no. 12, dated Headquarters 6th Infantry, Co. C, Benicia Barracks, California, 29 October, 1863; Bounty due for enlistment $25.00; present from July 1863 through 17 July 1864; on detached service scouting and at Benicia Barracks from 18 July 1864 through muster-out on 31 October 1865.

1865 Muster-Out Roll:1054 Mustered out at Benicia Barracks, 31 October 1865; bounty paid: $25.00, due $75.00, due soldier for clothing not drawn, $16.82.

1865 Electoral List, Company C, Sixth Regiment of California Infantry Volunteers:766 Christian Musser; Sergeant; enlisted April 30, 1863; mustered Aug. 12, 1863; born in Germany; voter roll: Marysville, Yuba County, Third Congressional District, State of California. "The Commanding Officer will cause to be placed on this list, in alphabetical order, the names of all the Electors resident of the State of California belonging to his command, with the credit of each man as it appears on his Muster-in-Roll, giving especially the county in which he would be entitled to vote were he at home, and forward the same to the Adjutant-General of the State at such time that it may be received at his office not later than the first day of June of the current year. I certify that this Electoral List exhibits the true number of all the Electors resident of the State of California, belonging to Company C, Sixth Regiment of Infantry California Volunteers, and that I have as far as practicable caused the respective credits of each to be properly stated thereon. Signed: Thomas Buckley. May 10, 1865.

1867 Consent:189 Christian Musser signed consent form for son John Musser to enlist in five year term with U.S. Army.

1867/75 Not in Nevada:1508 Christian Musser not identified as one of the named officers on the returns of Camp Halleck from June 1867 through December 1875. Camp Halleck had a contingent of approximately 40 unnamed enlisted men.

The following Research in Progress is based on the 1880 U.S. census entry for son George Washington Musser.

1880 U.S. Census:2112
Adams County, Indiana (Hartford Township)
Enumerated 10 June 1880
Charles Lonkman •• white, male, age 37, married, millwright, born in Prussia, father born in Prussia, mother born in Prussia
Rachel •• white, female, age 30, married, wife, born in Ohio, father born in Switzerland, mother born in Switzerland
Emma •• white, female, age 5, daughter, born in Indiana, father born in Prussia, mother born in Ohio
Jennett •• white, female, age 2, daughter, born in Indiana, father born in Prussia, mother born in Ohio
Reuben •• white, male, age 7 months, born in October 1879, born in Indiana, father born in Prussia, mother born in Ohio
Eddie Clouse •• white, male, age 14, single, laborer, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Ohio
George Musser •• white, male, age 18, single, laborer, born in California, father born in France, mother born in Ireland
Albert Musser •• white, male, age 6, laborer, born in Indiana, father born in France, mother born in Ohio

Possible Remarriage Before 1873: One possible conclusion from the above census entry is that Rachel Lonkman was first married to Christian Musser, gave birth of Albert Musser, then married Charles Lonkman and gave birth to daughter Emma, all in a very short period of time. I find this an unlikely scenario and when coupled with the fact that step children were usually found above unrelated laborers in census enumerations, it is most reasonable to assume that the Lonkman family was acquainted with the Hartford township Mosser, Moser, and Mosier families, but was otherwise not related.

1873 Located in Indiana: Estimated date of birth of Albert Musser, born in Indiana, father born in France, and a mother born in Ohio. Research conclusion is that Albert was the son of Christian Musser from a subsequent marriage.

Death Prior to 1880: Christian Musser is presumed to have died prior to the 1880 U.S. census, based on finding George Musser as an 18 year old laborer living in the household of Charles Lonkman, along with a 6 year old half-brother, Albert Musser, in the same household. The enumeration for George Musser gives his own birthplace as California, his father’s birthplace as France, and his mother’s birthplace as Ireland. Combined with an 1852 birth year, this is evidence that this Hartford Township George Musser was the son of Christian Musser.
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