NameAugustin KLIPFEL
Birth30 Dec 1809, Hausen near Schonungen, Bavaria2068
Christening30 Dec 1809, Hausen near Schonungen, Bavaria2068 Age: <1
Death3 Apr 1851, Wapakoneta, Auglaize County, Ohio18, p. 283. Age: 41
BurialRupert Cemetery, Pusheta Township, Auglaize County, Ohio18, p. 283.,171, v. 1, bk. 1, p. 169.
OccupationFarmer; Brewer172,410
FatherJoseph KLIPFEL (1778-~1845)
MotherMargaret SCHLEMBACH (1780-1857)
Birth30 May 1821, Hesse Cassell1377,29
Deathabt 1860, Auglaize County, Ohio171, v. 2, bk. 2, p. 293, 295.,149 Age: 38
BurialOld St. Josephs Cemetery, Pusheta Township, Auglaize County, Ohio171, v. 2, bk. 2, p. 293, 295.
FatherAnton MILLER (~1790-)
MotherAnna Maria —— (~1782-1861)
Marriage21 Feb 1839, Allen County, Ohio472
ChildrenMichael (Died as Youth) (1839-<1850)
 Elizabeth (1847-1922)
 Anna Barbara (1845-1926)
 Catherine "Kate" (~1848-1898)
 Augustus William (1850-1919)
Notes for Augustin KLIPFEL

1809 Birth:2068,1985 Transcribed and translated from the Hausen Parish records: Augustin, legitim, (father) Joseph Kluepfel, inn keeper, Catholic, (house) Hausen 21, (mother) Margaretha Schlembachin, birth Dec. 30, 1809, 2 o'clock in the morning, baptised Dec. 30, Hausen, J. Friedrich, pearson, (godfather) Augustin Gesin, farmer in Hausen.

1834 Immigration:172,5, p. 345.
Boarded ship Averick Heineken at Bremen, arrived in Baltimore 30 July 1834.
Name •• Age/Occupation
Klupfel, A •• 24 M Farmer << Augustin
Klupfel, F •• 22 M Farmer << Franz
Klupfel, J •• 56 M Cooper << Joseph
Klupfel, M •• 53 F << Margaret (wife)
Klupfel, M •• 27 F Spinster << Margaret (daughter)

1834 Immigration:21 Averick Heineken was an American ship, 603 tons, built in 1832, draft of 17', 2 decks, 3 masts, made of fir, owned by Heineken & Schoemaecker, 1834 port was Baltimore, 1834 master was F. Thatcher.

1836 Land Purchase:504 Augustus Klipfel, Allen County, purchased land from Joseph and Margüeretha Klipfel, who signed with her mark, both of Allen County, on October 17, 1836 for $200.

1837 Citizenship: Became a citizen April 26, 1837.

1839 Marriage:472,286, p. 5. Marriage of Frances Miller to Augustus Kliffle on 21 February 1839 in Allen County, Ohio.

1840 Church Membership:24, p. 2-5. August Klüpfel (soul count: 5; communicant count: 4) listed as an "agreeing Parish Families (who) have stated exactly the count of their members, from the time of their first approach to God's table (i.e., First Communion, about age 13), and whose intention it is to join themselves with this alliance, (is to) sign their family name below. The beginning will occur on the first of January, 1840." [Note: Assume Joseph and Margaret counted in the 5 souls and 4 communicants in the household of August Klüpfel and Franzisca Miller: August Klüpfel, Francesca Müller, Joseph Klüpfel, and Margaret Klüpfel as the communicants and the child enumerated in the 1840 U.S. being added to make the count of 5 souls. 1840 U.S. census listings for the families are adjacent to each other.]

1840 U.S. Census:2086
Allen County, Ohio (Pusheta Township)
Head of Family •• Augustin Klipfel
male 20 - 30 •• 1 << Augustin, age 29, employed in agriculture
female 15 - 20 •• 1 << Frances, age 17
male under 5 •• 1 << Michael, born 26 December 1839; baptized849 30 January 1840
Household of father Joseph Klüpfel409 is adjacent.

1845 Land Sale:569 Peter Obels, Allen County, purchased land from August Klippel and his wife Francis Klippel, Allen County, on August 18, 1845 for $425. Joseph Klipfel and Conrad Schemmel witnessed the transaction. Francis signed with her mark, with name recorded as Francesca Klipfel.

1845 Birth of Daughter Barbara:24, p. 19. Birth of Barbara Klüpfel. Birth date: 25 Dec. 1845. Baptismal date: 25 Jan. 1846. Parents: August Klupfel, Francesca Müller. Sponsors: John Prunn (Brunn?), Barbara Klupfel. [Note: Assume the sponsor to be baby's namesake Barbara Brunn, about age 8 in 1845.]

1846 Baptism Sponsor:24, p. 13. Sponsored, along with Francesca Muller, the infant August Brunn in the St. Peter and Paul Congregation.

1848 Land Owner:376 Augustin Klipfel listed as a landowner in Pusheta Township, Auglaize County, Ohio (Auglaize County formed in 1848).

1848 Land Purchase:540 August Klipfel, Auglaize County, purchased land from Jeremiah Ayers, Auglaize County, on December 26, 1848 for $450.

1849 Land Sale:496 George Shimmel, Auglaize County, purchased land from August and Francisca Klipfel, Auglaize County, for $1,000 on January 22, 1849.

1849 Baptism Sponsor:24, p. 28. Augustine Klüphel, along with Francisca Müller, sponsored the infant Augustine Vehner in a St. Peter and Paul Congregation baptism, 15 May 1849.

1850 Tax List, Logan Township, Auglaize County, Ohio:170, p. 6. Augustus Klipfel listed in Auglaize County, Ohio, Delinquent Tax List, 1850 as: Logan Township, Augustus Klipfel, Sec. 35, 446.6, non-resident.

1850 Land Purchase:600 Augustus Klipfel, Auglaize County, purchased land from Sarah Wilds, guardian of Maria Wilds, a minor, Warren County, on July 16, 1850 for $45.85. [Note: Is Maria Wilds, a minor, the same as Mary Wilds, age 8, enumerated in the household of Michael Miller1413 in 1850. Michael Miller and Augustus Klipfel410 are listed as adjoining households.]

1850 U.S. Census:410
Auglaize County, Ohio (Duchouquet Township, Wapakoneta)
Enumerated 14 July 1850
Augustus Klipel •• 40, male, brewer, real estate value $400, born in Germany
Francis •• 27, female, born in Germany
Elizabeth •• 5, female, born in Ohio, attended school within the year
Barbara •• 4, female, born in Ohio
Catherine •• 2, female, born in Ohio
Augustus •• 3/12 (i.e. 3 months) male, born in Ohio
Margaret •• 69, female, born in Germany
Adjacent to Michael Miller,1413 the brother of Franziska Miller Klipfel.

1851 Land Purchase:607 Augustus Klipfel purchased lands from Michael Miller, Sheriff of Auglaize County, on March 31, 1851. The lands, belonging to Peter Obelz, were sold at public auction, Augustus being the high bidder at two-thirds of appraised value, with a bid of $180.

1851 Tombstone:18, p. 283.,171, v. 1, bk. 1, p. 169. Rupert Cemetery, Pusheta Township, Auglaize County, Ohio. Also known as St. Peter Catholic Cemetery and Petersburg Cemetery.
August Klipfel
b. Jan. 1, 1810
d. April 3, 1851

Rupert Cemetery:18, p. 283. Large monument at east side of cemetery reads as follows: "This monument is in memory of the St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic congregation of Pusheta Township, Auglaize Co., Ohio. The first Roman Catholics of this congregation settled in the vicinity in 1833. Purchased this land for church and grave yard purposes 1835. And erected a church of logs the same year. This church was destroyed by fire the 2nd of Sept. 1884. This monument marks the site of the Alter in that church. The first priest stationed here was Rev. Martin Bobst, who died Nov. 28, 1848 and is interred here. ‘Reauescat in Pace.’ This monument was erected during the administration of the most Reverend William Henry Elder, Archbishop of Cincinnati, Ohio on Jan. 27, 1892. Michael Warmuth, Lorenz Diegelmann, John H. Koenig, Trustees Sts. Peter & Paul Congregation. There are only a few stones left in this cemetery."

1851 Estate Auction:190 A public auction of the goods and chattels of the estate of Augustus Klipfel, late of Wapakoneta, was held on 25 April 1851. Among those purchasing items were Anthony Miller Jr. (2 augers & 1 saw for .34¢ and other items), Michael Franz (1 saw for .07¢ and other items), Anthony Müller Sr. (1 pr. breast chains for .65¢ and other items), Joseph Wehner (1 pair stretchers for .84¢and other items), and Michael Müller (sheet iron for .36¢ and other items). The most expensive items were $124 for one horse, purchased by Frederick Freymann, $47 for a wagon purchased by Anthony Müller Sr., and $36 for a lot of malt at 80¢ per bushel purchased by Jacob Murphilius. Widow Franzisca Klüpfel purchase 1 calf at $1.50, 2 bags at $1.00, 1 axe at $2.50, and 1 bell at $0.50.

1851/1856 Estate of August Klipfel:190 Administrator of Estate: Michael Miller. Final estate settlement on March 2, 1856 lists assets of $1,892.15 and debts of $1,013.98. Debts include a $550 widow’s allowance and $100 allowance for Margaret Klepfel, mother of the deceased. Estate papers include signatures of August Klipfel, Franziska Klipfel, and Joseph Wehner.

1859 Estate Settlement for Klipfel Children and Widow:190 On 19 January 1859, Michael Miller, administrator of the estate of August Klipfel, declares that he has paid to John Rammelmeyer, guardian of the minor heirs of said decedent, $770.39, "the full amount of balance in his hand due heirs on settlement and distribution, also one hundred and seven & 98/100 dollars ($107.98) [illegible word] due widow on distribution of said estate as per receipt herewith filed."
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