NameJohn "Long John" BITLER
Birthabt 28 Sep 1762, Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania1419
Relocated1811, Union Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania2002, p. 354. Age: 48
Death2 Dec 1837, Union Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania1419 Age: 75
Burialprobably St. Paul’s (Old White) Church, Ringtown, Union Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania1446, foreword.
OccupationSawmill Operator, Lumbering
MilitaryRevolutionary War, Berks County Militia101, p. 808-809.,56, p. 144-4.,238,239
FatherJohn BITLER (~1713-~1790)
Mother—— —— (-<1783)
Deathabt 1833, Union Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania2028, Sworn testimony of John Ruppert in 1874.
Burialprobably St. Paul’s (Old White) Church, Ringtown, Union Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania1446, foreword.
FatherPaul WOLFF (~1729-<1775)
MotherElisabeth —— (-<1798)
Marriage8 Apr 1781, Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania55, v. 1, p. 43.,1642
ChildrenDaniel (1783-1840)
 John Wolf (1786-1860)
 Sarah (1788-1845)
 Mark (1790-1859)
 Samuel (~1793-1857)
 Elizabeth (1796-1863)
 William (1798-)
 Thomas (1801-1873)
 James (1804-1863)
Notes for John "Long John" BITLER

Family Remembrance:2028 In 1874, John Ruppert, married to a granddaughter of Long John Bitler, testified in court that "Daniel Bitler would write. John Bitler Jr. could not. Mark could not write at all. Samuel could not write; William Bitler and Thomas could write. James’s writing so very poor, he could not tell his own writing. Only make figures. Maria Bitler could not write."

1762 Birth:1419 Calculated from age at death, 75 years 2 months 4 days, appearing on tombstone inscription, with death date of 2 December 1837. Identified as "my eldest son John Bitler" by father John Bitler (1713-1790) in will95 dated 21 September 1790. Brothers Daniel and Michael also mentioned.

1770/1811 Berks County Pastors:121, v. 1, p. 23. John William Boos served as pastor of these Reformed Congregations: Reading (1770-1781, 1789-1792), Heidelberg or Cacusi (1771-1789, 1792-1805), Schwarzwald (1781-1811), Spies (1783-1790), Bern (1784-1788), and Oley (1787-1789); retired 1811.

1781 Marriage:1642 Recorded by Rev. William Boos as 8 Apr [married] Johannes Bittler and Elisabetha Wolff(in), Robeson Township, Berks County.

1781/82 Military Service:56, p. 144-4.,238,239 John Bittler in Berks County Militia from Dec. 17, 1781 to Feb. 17, 1782, Lieut. James Gleaves.

1783 Baptism of son Daniel:122,1603, pt. 1, p. 10. Pastoral acts of the Rev. J. W. Boos lists a son Daniel, born March 8, 1783, baptised April 28, 1783 to Johannes Bittler; recorded with Schwarzwald Church records. Sponsors were Johannes Bittler and [his second] wife Elisabetha.

1787 Baptism of son John Wolf:224, v. 1, p. 96. On 17 Mary 1787 Johann [John Wolf] Biddeler, son of Johann Biddeler and Elisabetha was baptised, witnessed by Heinrich Kloebestein and Catharina; recorded with Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading records. Birth occurred on Mar. 18, 1786.

1790 Inheritance from Father:95 John Bitler's father Johannes Bütler died on Oct. 2, 1790. "Long" John and his brother, Daniel, split the bulk of the real and personal estate, with provisions made for Johannes' wife Elisabeth and Long John's youngest brother Michael. Daniel Bitler served, along with Henry Clevenstine, as executor of the estate.

1790 U.S. Census:97, p. 41.,1930
Pennsylvania, Berks County, Robeson Township
Head of Household •• Jno. Bitler
Males 16 and over •• 2 << Long John Bitler, age 28; brother Daniel Bitler, about age 24
Males under 16 •• 3 << sons Daniel Bitler, age 6; John Bitler, age 4; Mark Bitler, newborn
Females •• 3 << wife Maria Elisabeth Wolff, age 28; mother-in-law Anna Elisabetha Wolff; daughter Sarah, age 2

1793 Land Warrant:123 John Bitter listed as having land warrant no. 272 in Berks County, dated Aug. 30, 1793 for one acre in Robeson Township. The survey for the warrant had not yet been returned.

1800 U.S. Census:611
Pennsylvania, Berks County
Head of Family •• John Bitler
Males under 10 •• 3 << Mark, age 10; Samuel, age 6; William, age 1
Males 10-16 •• 1 << John Wolf, age 13
Males 16-26 •• 1 << Daniel, age 16
Males 26-45 •• 1 << Long John, age 37
Females under 10 •• 2 << Elizabeth, Hannah
Females 10-16 •• 1 << Sarah, age 11
Females 26-45 •• 1 << wife Elisabeth, age 37
Family located close to brothers Daniel612 and Michael613 Bitler.

1800 Baptism Sponsor:204, transcript, p. 4. On 14 August 1800, Johann Bibbler and Elisabeth witnessed the baptism of Sarah, born to Heinrich Klebenstein and Catherine, 17 May 1800; recorded with Robeson Church (also known as Plow or Forest Church) records.

1805 Witness for Henry Clevenstine Estate:96 John Bittler serves as witness to transactions concerning the estate of Henry Clevenstine.

1807 Baptism of grandson William:204, transcript, p. 11; original, p. 13. On 5 July 1807, Johann Bittler and Elisab. witnessed the baptism of grandson Wilhelm, born to Daniel Bittler and Elisab. Birth: Feb. 22, 1807; with records of Robeson Church (also known as Plow or Forest Church).

1810 Land Purchase:2038, As her source, Murray cites Berks County Deed Book 26, p. 306. Long John bought his brother Daniel’s share of the 107 acres in Robeson Township on which both brothers and their families were residing, Berks County Deed Book 26, p. 306

1811 Town Meeting at Bitler Home, Rush Township:2002, p. 354. "The first town meeting for the township of Rush was held at what is now Brandonville, at the house of John Bidler in October, 1811."

1812 Relocation to Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania:32, p. 34.,22, p. 174-175.,27, p. 719-720. Long John and Elisabeth Bitler, along with son Daniel and his wife Elizabeth and their family moved to Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. One account of the early history of Ringtown1538 indicates at one time it was referred to as "Bittlerville" or "Biddlerville."

1813 Land Sale:2038, As her source, Murray cites Berks County Grantor Deed Books, v. 25, p. 480. Long John and Elizabeth sold Robeson Township property to Gabriel Hiester for $4,100. At the time of the sale, Long John and Elizabeth were residing in Sugarloaf Township, Luzerne County. This area eventually became Union Township, Schuylkill County.

1818 Union Township Established:2002, p. 355. "The territory now comprising North and East Union townships was, until 1818, a part of Rush township; and at that time was erected into the township of Union, together with a tract set off from Columbia and Luzerne counties, which now comprises the greater portion of North Union. Union township had 487 inhabitants in 1830."

1818 Election in Union Township:2038, As her authority, Murray cites The History of Union Township, by Oliver J. Michael, from the Pottsville Republican Morning Paper, dated 8 May 1935. The first general election held in Union Township was held at the home of John Bitler on 18 October 1818.

1820 U.S. Census:1988
Pennsylvania, Schuylkill County, Union Township
Head of Family •• John Bitler
Males 10-16 •• 1 << James, age 15
Males 16-26 •• 4 << William, age 21, Thomas, age 18, ?????
Males 45 and over •• 1 << Long John
Females 16-26 •• 2 << daughter Elizabeth, age 23, Hannah or Sallie
Females 45 and over •• 1 << wife Elisabeth
Household includes one foreigner, not naturalized and four persons engaged in agriculture. [Note: Perhaps the two unidentified males aged 16-26 were agricultural laborers, including one foreign born.]

1822-1823 Land Distribution:2024 In 1863 court documents concerning the Bitler land dispute, Thomas Bitler testified, "My father sold and divided amongst his boy his land. This must have been in 1822 or 1823. This was his old farm and five or six tracts of land. He divided these up amongst his boys. Daniel, John, Mark, Samuel, William, Thomas, and James. Seven sons. My father did not give the girls any land at that time." He also testified, "I knew Elizabeth and Hannah Bitler. They were my sisters."

1824 Land Sale:2040 On 12 January 1824 John Bitler Senior and his wife Elizabeth sold about 207 acres of land to John Bitler Junior for the sum of $600 lawful money of the State of Pennsylvania. Land adjoins that of Marks Bitler, Thomas Bitler, and James Bitler.

1830 U.S. Census:1993
Pennsylvania, Schuylkill County, Union Township
Head of Family •• John Biddler (i.e. Bitler) Sr.
Males 60-70 •• 1 << John, about age 68
Females 30-40 •• 1 << daughter Elizabeth, about age 34
Females 60-70 •• 1 << wife Elizabeth, about age 68

1836 Revolutionary War Pension:101, p. 808-809. "No. 196. An Act for the relief of Thomas Davis and others, soldiers and widows of soldiers of the Revolutionary War. [Section 1 relates to gratuities and annuities for several soldiers and widows.] Section 2. The State Treasurer is hereby authorized and required to pay to Jacob Fisher of Lehigh County, John Bitler of Schuylkill County, and Lewis Harple of Chester County, and John Hall of Allegheny County, soldiers of the Revolutionary War, a gratuity of forty dollars to each, immediately, in full for services performed by them in said war; the foregoing gratuities and pensions to be paid in conformity with existing laws. Approved the sixteenth day of June, Anno Domini, one thousand eight hundred and thirty six."

1837 Death Date:2028 In 1874, John Ruppert, husband of daughter of John Wolf Bitler, testified that the "Old Man died in 1837."

1837 Death Mention:1419 In Die Stimme des Volks, "Bittler, John. Dec. 2, Union Township, age 75 years, 2 months 4 days, had 9 children, 65 grandchildren, 38 great grandchildren."

1837 Old White Church, Ringtown, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania:1446, foreword. "For the years in 1830s and 1840s there are very few gravestones, which however undoubtedly are occupied by graves. It is doubtful however that very many of these graves ever had anything like permanent markers."
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