NameWilliam FRAME
Birthabt 17251585, p. 3.
Relocatedbef 1745, Augusta County, Virginia Age: 20
Deathbetween 1781 and 1783, Augusta County, Virginia559, v. 3, p. 159 (Augusta County Will Book no. VI, p. 166),795, p. 1-2. Age: 56
FatherJames FRAME (-1754)
Birthabt 17271585, p. 3.
Death29 Aug 1814, Clark County, Kentucky1585, p. 3. Age: 87
Marriage1745806,1585, p. 3.
ChildrenEsther (<1746-)
 Jennet (<1747-)
 Elizabeth (<1749-1814)
 Jeremiah (1752-1828)
Notes for William FRAME

Biographical Sketch (1960):795, p. 1. "William Frame and his wife Susannah were in Pennsylvania before going to Augusta County, Virginia, about 1740. There are several ‘William Frames’ included in the lists of taxpayers, etc. in the Pennsylvania Archives and mentioned in the Pennsylvania histories. William is such a common name for the Frames to use that it is exceedingly difficult to determine which one is which!!"

Biographical Sketch (1960):795, p. 3. "William and Susannah Frame were members of the Old Augusta Stone Church and at least Esther, Jennet, and Elizabeth, daughters of the couple, were baptized in the church by the Reverend John Craig who was pastor of the church for 30 years."

1738 Augusta County, Virginia Established:833 "The area that became Augusta County was settled primarily by the Scotch-Irish in the early 1730s. Formed from Orange County, Augusta officially became a county in 1738. The primary religion of the area was Presbyterian and the early settlers lost no time in forming the Triple Forks of the Shenandoah Congregation. The Tinkling Spring Meeting House, the simple log structure shown at the right, was the first Presbyterian church in the Shenandoah Valley."

1740 Augusta Stone Building:834 "The Congregation of the Triple Forks of the Shenandoah, established two meeting houses in 1740--Tinkling Spring and the Augusta Stone, both served by Rev. John Craig. The original Augusta Stone building was a log cabin similar to that at Tinkling Spring. The stone building seen here was built 1747-1749 and was to serve both as a meeting house and a fort. Still serving its people today, it has the distinction of being the oldest Presbyterian Church in continuous use in Virginia."

1746/49 Children’s Baptism:850, p. 470. Three eldest children of William and Susannah baptised by Rev. John Craig in the Craig parish which included both Augusta Stone Meeting House and Tinkling Spring Meeting House. Map of Beverly Manor and Borden Grant851 as of 1748 gives location of both.

1748 Land Grant:1096 On 20 August 1748 King George II granted William Frame "300 acres on a south branch of the North River of the Shanando called the Naked Creek" for the sum of 30 shillings.

1749/50 Land Purchase:559, v. 2, p. 379 (Augusta County Land Entry Book no. 1) February 9, 1749/50, William Frame, 100 acres joining his own land with one treasure right.

1751 Road Upkeep:559, v. 1, p. 44 (Augusta County Court Records, Order Book no. II, p. 574) May 28, 1751. William Frame part of a large group, including John and William McGill, given responsibility for upkeep of a road from John Davis’ mill to Wood’s new cleared Gap.

1752 Road Petition:559, v. 1, p. 437 (Augusta County Court Judgments, 1751-1752) William Frame part of a large group, including John and William McGill, signing a petition for a road from John Davis’ Mill to Woods’ Gap, or to the road now clearing over the mountain near said Gap.

1755 Estate Administrator:559, v. 3, p. 71 (Augusta County Will Book no. 3, p. 178) William Frame appointed co-administrator for estate of Mathew Erwin.

1757 Land Transaction Witness:559, v. 3, p. 345 (Augusta County Deed Book no. 2, p. 398) On 16 March 1757 William Frame served as witness for sale of two tracts of land from Thomas and Esther Berry to James Trotter for £60.

1760 Tithes:559, v. 2, p. 462 (Augusta Parish Vestry Book, p. 272) William Frame and James McGill processioned (tithed?) for 1760.

1763 Land Transaction Witness:559, v. 3, p. 395 (Augusta County Deed Book no. 11, p. 164) On 15 February 1763 William Frame witnessed David Frame transferring to Margaret Frame, £5, 150 acres on south branch of Naked Creek. Margaret Frame received the property 28 October 1768.

1772 Estate Appraiser:559, v. 3, p. 129 (Augusta County Will Book no. V, p. 102) On 10 June 1772 Jane Patterson's estate was appraised by John Blair, James Gambel, Robert Young, William Frame.

1774 Taxes Levies:559, v. 2, p. 421 (Augusta County Tax Delinquents) William Frame Sr. listed as supernumerary (i.e. extra, over and above) tax levies collected by John Smith in 1774.

1776 Witness to Will:559, v. 3, p. 159 (Augusta County Will Book no. VI, p. 166) On 14 July 1776 William Frame was a witness to James Gamble’s will, which was proved in court May 15, 1781.

1781 Land Grant:1097 On 1 February 1781 Thomas Jefferson, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, granted to William Frame "150 acres on some branches of Naked Creek joining three lines of his old Tract" for the sum of fifteen shillings.

Death Between 1781-1783: William Frame signed papers559, v. 3, p. 159 (Augusta County Will Book no. VI, p. 166) on 15 May 1781. "William testified in court as a witness to James Gamble’s will, so he died between that time and May 3, 1783, the date on which Jeremiah sold the land.795, p. 1-2. It is believed that William had a will but it is not filed in Augusta County, Virginia. . . . It is not known where William Frame is buried."
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