NameCyrus Abraham BAY
Birth27 May 1827, Cumberland County near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania178
Residence1834-35, Fairview Township, York County, Pennsylvania2822, preface, p. v; p. 28. Age: 6
Death16 Apr 1900, Wheeler, Union Township, Porter County, Indiana340 Age: 72
Burial18 Apr 1900, Janes Cemetery, Union Township, Porter County, Indiana340,66, Janes Cemetery, p. 2.
FatherDavid BAY
Birth24 Dec 1833, Jackson Township, Preble County, Ohio66, Janes Cemetery, p. 2.
Death5 Feb 1894, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois338 Age: 60
BurialJanes Cemetery, Union Township, Porter County, Indiana66, Janes Cemetery, p. 2.
FatherNewton FRAME (~1807-1858)
MotherElizabeth PEAKE (1811-1893)
Marriage21 Mar 1850, New Buffalo, Berrien County, Michigan173
ChildrenDavid Smith (1853->1899)
 Lora Arecelia "Celie" (1855-1924)
 Ella Maude (1857-1941)
 Lucy Elizabeth (1860-1950)
 Mary (1861-1890)
 Levi Frank (1863-1920)
 Grace H. (1874-1952)
 George E. (1877-1947)
Notes for Cyrus Abraham BAY

Full Name:2822, p. 28. Cyrus Abraham Bay. Middle name of Abraham taken from listing among "poor children" of York County, Pennsylvania in 1834-1835 as "Ciras Abraham, age 5."

Biographical Sketch (1900):791, p. 208. "Cyrus A. Bay, Company C, 1900. Born about 1826, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; married to Miss Lucinda Frame, March 21, 1850, at New Buffalo, Mich.; died April 14, 1900, at his home in Wheeler, Indiana. He was a good soldier and served through the war. Since the war he has lived in Chicago and Porter County, Indiana, most of the time in the latter, being by occupation a carpenter and cabinet maker. His wife died in February, 1894, in Chicago, but he leaves behind some children, who have sent the above picture as a token of their love and regard for the memory of their solider father. Mrs. M. L. Crull, one of the daughters, in sending it says: 'He was a natural cook and since mother's death has kept up the home most of the time by himself; he loved his home to his dying day, and I am there today, May 23d, getting ready for his children to come home on Decoration Day. He was a member of the M. E. Church. Oh! How we shall miss him when the Memorial Day comes this year.' Mrs. Crull's address is Wheeler, Indiana."

Biographical Sketch (1912):47, v. 2, p. 732. "Cyrus A. Bay was a native of Pennsylvania, and showed his patriotism by serving his country in the Civil War, enlisting in the Ninety-ninth Regiment of Indiana and serving for a term of three and one half years. A wound in the back which he received in a skirmish was an unpleasant souvenir of this service to his nation."

1827 Birthdate:340 28 May 1827 calculated from age at death given on official certificate of death.

1834-35 Fairview Township, York County, Pennsylvania:2822, preface, p. v; p. 28. Elizabeth, age 8, and Ciras Abraham, age 5, both children of David Bay, listed as "poor children" on the tax lists of York County, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania statute required the tax assessor "to receive from the parents the names of all the children between the ages of five and twelve years, who reside therein, and whose parents are unable to pay for their schooling." This designation entitled the parents "to send them to the most convenient school, free of expense." Further, "the teachers . . . shall teach all such children as may come to their schools, in the same manner as other children are taught; and each teacher shall keep a day-book, in which he shall enter the number of days each child is entitled to provisions of this act shall be taught; and he shall also enter in said book, the amount of stationary (sic) furnished for the use of said child, from which book he shall make out his account against the county, on oath of affirmation, agreeably to the usual rates of charging for tuition in the said school."

1850 Marriage:173 Marriage date of March 21, 1850, New Buffalo, Berrien County, Michigan, by Esq. Planton, taken from Cyrus Bay pension declaration, dated May 4, 1898.

1860 U.S. Census:416
Porter County, Indiana (Union Township, Wheeler Station Post Office)
Enumerated 30 September 1860
Syrus Bay •• 32, male, farm laborer, personal property value $150, born in Pennsylvania
Lucinda •• 26, female, born in Ohio
David •• 8, male, born in Indiana, in school within the year
Laura •• 6, female, born in Indiana, in school within the year
Ellen •• 4, female, born in Indiana
Lucy •• 2, female, born in Indiana

1862 Company Descriptive Book:178 Cyrus A. Bay, Co. C, 99 Reg't Indiana Infantry, appears on Company Descriptive Book of the organization named above. Description: Age, 34 years; height, 5 feet, 6 inches; complexion, sandy; eyes, blue; hair, red; where born, Cumberland, Penn.; occupation, carpenter. Enlistment: when, Aug. 11, 1862; where, Valparaiso; by whom: J. Brewer; term: 3 y'rs.

1862 Muster-in Roll:178 Cyrus A. Bay, Pvt., Capt. Brewer's Co., 99th Reg't Ind. Inf., age 34 years. Appears on Company Muster-in Roll of the organization named above. Roll dated, Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 27, 1862. Muster-in date: Sept. 27, 1862. Joined for duty and enrolled; When, Aug. 11, 1862. Where: Valparaiso. Period: 3 years. Remarks: Bounty & premium: $27.

1864 Casualty Sheet:178 Name, Cyrus A. Bay, rank Private, Company C, Regiment 99th, Arm Infantry, State Indiana. Place of casualty, — Georgia. Nature of casualty, wounded leg slight. Date of casualty, Aug. 10, 1864. From what source was this information obtained. Report of killed, wounded, and missing of the 99th Ind. Vol. Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 15th Corps, from May 3 to Sept. 6, 1864. In the field in Georgia. Signed] William Harrow, Brig. Gen'l Vols. Comd'g Div.

1865 Muster-out Roll:178 Cyrus A. Bay, Pvt., Co. C, 99 Reg't Ind. Inf. age 34 years appears on Co. Muster-out Roll dated Near Washington D.C., June 5, 1865. Muster-out date June 5, 1865. Last paid to August 31, 1864.

1866 Church Membership:1877, 15th Session, 1866, p. 48. S. Bay attended the Northwest Indiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, representing Union Chapel of the Valparaiso District. [Note: Assume this represents "Syrus."] History of the Wheeler Methodist Church1878, p. 5. indicates Cyrus Bay and Levi Bay were prominent workers for the church.

1870 U.S. Census:1297
Indiana, Porter County, Portage Township
Cyrus Bay •• 42, male, white, farmer, real estate value $500, personal property value $325, born in Pennsylvania, can read and write
Lucinda •• 35, female, white, keeping house, born in Ohio, can read and write
David •• 16, male, white, born in Indiana, can read and write
Laura •• 14, female, white, born in Indiana, attended school within the year, can read and write
Lucy •• 10, female, white, born in Indiana, attended school within the year, can read and write
Ella •• 15, female, white, born in Indiana, attended school within the year, can read and write
Mary •• 8, female, white, born in Indiana, attended school within the year, can read and write
Frank [Levi Frank?] •• 5, male, white, born in Indiana

1878 Marriage of Daughter Lucy Elizabeth:1752 "The home of Cyrus and Lucinda Bay was the place, Nov. 28th the day, and the marriage, of Lucy E., their daughter, to Edward D. Philips, the happy event. The nuptial knot was tied by A. J. Clifton, pastor of the M. E. church."

1879 Declaration for Original Invalid Pension:
173 State of Indiana, County of Porter. On this day of December 1879 personally appeared before me M. Felton, clerk; the same being a Court off Record of the County and State aforesaid, Cyrus A. Bay, a resident of, County of Porter, State of Ind., who being by me duly sworn according to law, on his solemn oath, deposes as follows, to wit: "I am the identical Cyrus A. Bay who was enrolled on the 11 day of August, 1862, in Company C of the 99th Reg't of Ind. Vol.'s., commanded by Captain Jacob Brewer and I was honorably discharged at Washington D.C. on the 5 day of June 1865 and my age is now 53 years. While in the service aforesaid, and in the line of my duty I received the following disability, to wit: On or about Dec. 20, 1862, at Macuapatafa Creek, Miss., team became unmanageable, and I was thrown from the wagon breaking two ribs and strained the small of my back, at the time was procuring forage. Was treated by reg. surgeon. Claim pension on the above described injury. I have never been employed in the Military or Naval Service of the United States otherwise than set forth above. Since leaving the Service, I have resided at Wheeler, Ind., and my occupation has been cabinetmaker. Before my entry into the Service aforesaid I was of good, sound physical health, being at enrollment a carpenter and I am now partially disabled from obtaining my subsistence by manual labor by reason of my disabilities above stated, received in the service of the unites States, and I make this Declaration for the purpose of being placed on the Invalid Pension Roll of the United States. My Post Office address is Wheeler, County of Porter, State of Indiana." Signed: Cyrus A. Bay.

1880 U.S. Census:417
Indiana, Porter County, Union Township, Town of Wheeler
Enumerated 7 June 1880
Cyrus A. Bay •• white, male, age 54 on June 1, 1880, married, carpenter, born in Pennsylvania, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Pennsylvania
Lucinda •• white, female, age 48 on June 1, 1880, wife married, keeping house, born in Ohio, father born in Kentucky, mother born in Kentucky
Levi •• white, male, age 17 on June 1, 1880, son, single, at home, born in Indiana, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Ohio
Gracie •• white, female, age 6 on June 1, 1880, daughter, single, at home, born in Indiana, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Ohio
George E. •• white, male, age 2 on June 1, 1880, son, single, at home, born in Indiana, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Ohio

1881 Claimant's Affidavit:173 State of Indiana, County of Porter, comes now Cyrus A. Bay, claimant for original pension no. 334962, who being first duly sworn, on his solemn oath deposes as follows: 'I am the claimant above named: for five years prior to my enlistment in the U.S. service my place or places of residence were as follows: Deep River P.O., Lake County, Indiana. My occupation during said time was carpenter. My occupation since discharge has been cabinet maker. Since my discharge to the present time I have resided at the following place or places: Wheeler, Porter County, Indiana.

The following is a full and complete history of my disability and its incurrence, from the time it first appeared to the present: On or about Dec. 20, 1862 while in line of duty the team became unmanageable. I was thrown from the wagon which broke two of my ribs and strained the small of my back. Since that time the disability has been in my hips and small of back.

The following is a complete statement of all treatment I have received for said disability, together with the names and places of residence of all the doctors who have treated me: W. W. Butterworth, Regimental Surgeon (South Bend, Ind.) treated me at the time. Continued treatment until April 1. Recommenced about June and continued treatment at times during the years. Since my residence in Wheeler, have been treated by George W. Arnold, M.D. of Wheeler, Ind. Suffered from external abscesses on left side through the month of May, 1863. Was treated by W. W. Butterworth, Reg. Surgeon. Suffered again from abscess on same side Sept. 1874 which was violent, lasting for eleven weeks. Was treated by Geo. W. Arnold, M.D., of Wheeler Indiana. Have been working about 2/3 of time at cabinet making, hindered the other third from said disability. And I further declare that my present P.O. address is Wheeler, Porter Co., State of Indiana."
Signed: Cyrus A. Bay, sworn this 22nd day of February, 1881.

1888/89 Relocation to Cook County:338 Bay family moved to Cook County; inferred from information in death certificate of Lucinda Frame Bay.

1890 Chicago, Illinois City Directory:75, 1890, p. 248. Bay, Cyrus, carp. h. 313 62nd (Town of Lake).

1890 Voter Registration:2238, Cyrus A. Bay, p. 184. Congressional District 1, Ward 30, Precinct 5, 313 62nd St, Cyrus A. Bay, born in Pennsylvania, white, lived in precinct 2 years, lived in country 4 years, lived in state 4 years, not naturalized citizen, qualified voter, registration application dated 14 October 1890, voted, ballot number 124.

1890 Declaration for the Increase of an Invalid Pension:173 State of Ill., County of Cook: On the date hereinafter mentioned, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the County and State aforesaid, Cyrus A. Bay, aged 63 years, a resident of Englewood, County of Cook, State of Illinois, who being duly sword according to law, declares that he is a pensioner of the United States, enrolled at the Indianapolis Pension Agency at the rate of $2.00 dollars per month, certificate no. 289866 by reason of disability from 'injury to back and resulting sciatica' incurred in the military service of the United States while serving as a Prv. Co. C, 99th Ind. Vols. His post-office address is #313 62nd St., Englewood, Ill. Signed: Cyrus A. Bay. Dates: Mch. 14th, 1890.

1898 Pension Circular:173 Certificate no. 289866. Name: Cyrus Bay. Sir: In forwarding to the pension agent the executed voucher for your next quarterly payment please favor me by returning this circular to him with replies to the questions enumerated below.
First. - Are you married? If so, please state your wife's full name and her maiden name. Answer: Wife is dead. Name: Lucinda Frame. A widower.
Second - When, where, and by whom were you married? Answer: March 21, 1850, by Esq. Planton - Mic.
Third. - What record of marriage exists? Answer: No.
Fourth - Were you previously married? Answer: No.
Fifth - Have you any children living: If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth. Answer: Yes, 7. David S. Bay, May 19, 1853; Sara A., Jan. 27, 1855; Ellen J., Aug. 13, 1857; Lucy E., Mar. 15, 1859; Levi F., Apr. 8, 1863; Latty G., June 28, 1874; George, Nov. 18, 1878.
Signed: Cyrus A. Bay, date of reply May 4, 1898.

1899 Pension Circular:173 Western Div. Inv. Ctf. no. 289866, Cyrus A. Bay, Co. C, 99 Reg't, Ind. Vol Inft. Washington, Nov. 9, 1899. Sir: Will you kindly answer, at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below? The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your family. Very respectfully, Commissioner.
No. 1. Are you a married man: If so, please state your wife's full name, and her maiden name. Answer: Yes. Her name was Lucinda Frame.
No. 2. When, where, and by whom were you married? Answer: Was married by Esq. Planton of New Buffalow, Mich.
No. 3. What record of marriage exists? Answer: None that I know of but the children.
No. 4. Were you previously married? If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce. Answer: No.
No. 5. Have you any children living? If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth. Answer: yes, 7. David was born May 18, 1853. Lara Jan. 27, 1855; Ella, August 13, 1857; Lucy, March 15, 1859; Levi, Apr. 8, 1863; Gracie, June 28, -74; George, Nov. 18, 1877. PS. My wife died Feb. 5, 1894. Am not married.
Signed Cyrus A. Bay

1900 Pensioner Dropped:173 Pension Agency, Indianapolis, Ind. Aug. 30, 1900. Certificate No. 289866. Class A. Pensioner Cyrus A. Bay. Service Co. C, 99 Ind. Sir: I have the honor to report that the above-named pensioner who was last paid at $10.00 to 4 Feb., 1900 has been dropped because of death. Find letter from Sara A. Crull, Wheeler, Ind. Date: April 16, 1900. [Signed by Pension Agent.]

1900 Death Certificate:340 Indiana State Board of Health, County of Porter, Union Township, City of Wheeler. Decedents full name: Cyrus A. Bay. Date of death: April 16, 1900. Full name of deceased: Cyrus A. Bay. Age: 72 years, 10 months, 19 days. Male, white. Residence: Main St., Wheeler, Ind. Widower. Occupation: carpenter. Birthplace: Pennsylvania. Place of death: Wheeler. Father's name in full: David Bay; father's birthplace: Pennsylvania. Mother's maiden name in full: [blank]; mother's birthplace: [blank] Date of burial: Apr. 18th, 1900. Place of burial: Wheeler. Reported by: Mr. Geo. Crull.

1900 Death Mention:700 Cyrus Bay, an old resident of Union township, died at Wheeler last night, aged 73 years. The deceased served in the late civil war. He leaves four children. The funeral will be held tomorrow at Wheeler at 2 o’clock.

1900 Death Mention:1325 Cyrus Bay, an old resident of Wheeler, died last night at 10:30. He had been ill for two weeks with a complication of diseases, but congestion of the brain was the immediate cause of his death. Deceased was a brother-in-law of Levi Frame of this city, and a member of the Chaplain Brown Post. G. A. R. The funeral arrangements have not been completed yet, but will, in all probability take place Thursday from the Wheeler M. E. Church.

1900 Tombstone:66, Janes Cemetery, p. 2. Janes Cemetery, Union Township, Porter County, Indiana.
Cyrus A. Bay
Co. C, 99 Ind. Vol. Inf.
Born May 27, 1827
Died April 16, 1900
72 years, 10 months, 19 days
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