Deathabt Apr 1805, Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania96
MilitaryRevolutionary War, Berks County Militia56, p. 144-4, Robinson’s Company.,237,239
Birth20 Feb 17582764
Death23 Nov 17772764 Age: 19
BurialSt. Peter's Lutheran Church, West Pikeland Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania2764
FatherGeorge EMERICH (1730-1800)
MotherElizabeth HAAS (1734-1828)
Marriage7 Oct 1775, Pennsylvania38
ChildrenGeorge (~1772-1851)
 Margaret (<1784-)
 Mary (1778-1863)
Marriagebet 1778-1779
ChildrenHenry (1781-<1817)
 Elizabeth (1785-1851)
 John (~1788-)
 Catharine (1790-)
 Christian (1792-1869)
 Michael (1794-)
 Hannah (1798-)
 Sarah (1800-)
 Daniel (1801-)
Deathbef 6 Mar 1824, Union Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania1330,96
Marriage8 Apr 1804, Berks County, Pennsylvania1533, v. 2, p. 467.
ChildrenMolly "Mary" (1804-)
Notes for Henry CLEVENSTINE

Research Analysis (July 2004): Many of the records and artifacts needed to conclusively document Henery Clevenstine's marriages and children no longer exist. Based on the known evidence, this researcher believes it likely that son George was born to Henry Clevenstine and wife Mary Emrich (and named after her father George Emrich) in 1776 and further that Mary Clevenstine may well have died during or shortly after the birth of daughter Mary, later married to Amos Beard. Very little is known of Margaret, identified as the wife of John Sleyer in Henry's 1805 estate papers, and this researcher speculates that she may have been a twin of either George or Mary. That scenario would account for three children born to a marriage that lasted from October 1775 to November 1777. These children, George, Margaret, and Mary, were all married at the time of Henry's death in 1805, according to his estate papers.

Biographical Sketch (1998):2823, p. 80. Describing the Karasin-Holmes farm, Jere E. Brady writes, "This property was part of a parcel of land bought by William Bird in 1730, totaling 2,997 acres. However, by 1801, the property was cut up, willed, leased, traded, etc., until this farm was then down to 109 acres and was sold to Henry and Mariah Clevenstein. The Clevensteins had 13 children. In 1806, it was willed to Henry's son-in-law, Amos Beard who sold it to Agustus Beard for $4,183.12." 

1770 Immigration:103, v. 1, list 283, p. 731. Johann Henrich Kliebensteinn arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, on the ship Sally (John Osmond, Master) on 29 October 1770. Johan Henrich Kliebensteinn signed both the oath of allegiance and the oath of abjuration.

1770 Notice in The Pennsylvania Gazette:899 1 November 1770, "Just arrived, the ship Sally, Captain Osman, from Rotterdam, with near 200 German passengers, all healthy, who are now ready to treat for their passage money. For terms, apply to Samuel Howell, in Water Street, or the Master on board, lying opposite Chestnut Street."

1771 Pikeland Township, Chester County:750, p. 293-294. Henrich Clebenstein one many subscribers to build a Lutheran Church in Pikeland Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania; his portion being 10 shillings. George Emrick was also a subscriber. The church was built in 1772 and incorporated 29 September 1789 under the name of "The German" Lutheran Congregation worshiping at the church called St. Peter’s in Pikeland Township. The church was built of logs and used by both the St. Peter’s and the Zion congregations. The log church was used for 40 years and replaced in 1811.

1775 Marriage:38 Marriage license issued for Henry Clevenstine and Mary Emrecken, 7 October 1775, found in Pennsylvania Marriages, in Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, v. 2. "The date prefixed to each name is that of the issuing of the same, not that of the marriage."38, p. [5]. Includes records from the following Chester County clergymen: Rev. George Craig; Rev. William Currie at the Great Valley; Henry Hale Graham, Esq., Chester; Rev. Abel Griffith, Baptist Minister in West Bradford Township, Chester County; and Joseph Parker, Esq., Chester.

1777 Death of Wife Mary:2764 Anna Maria Klebenstein was buried inSt. Peter's Lutheran Church, West Pikeland, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Her tombstone lists date of birth as 2/10/1758 and date of death as 11/23/1777.

1778-1779 Second Marriage: It is probable that Henry's marriage to Catharine took place during this period. First wife Mary died in November 1777 and Henry was married in the 1779 Tax List of Pikeland Township, Cheser County.

1779 Tax List, Pikeland Township, Chester County:54, (Heny. Cleveston, p. 174) Henry Cleveston listed as "inmate." [Note: Chester County Historical Society1205 defines an inmate as a married man who does not own any land.]

1780 Tax List, Pikeland Township, Chester County:60, (Henry Clevenston, p. 273) Henry Clevenston listed as "inmate."

1780 Tax List, Robeson Township, Berks County:1564, (Henry Clevenstone, p. 409) Henry Clevenstone listed as owning 50 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, and was levied a tax of 7.10.0.

1781 Military Service:56, p. 144-4, Robinson’s Company.,237,239 Henry Clevesten in Berks County Militia from October 1 to 18, 1781, with Capt. John Robinson.

1781 Tax List, Robeson Township, Berks County:1565, (Henry Clevenstone, p. 518) Henry Clevenstone listed as owning 50 acres, 1 horse, 2 cows, and was levied a tax of 1.4.2.

1784 Tax List, Robeson Township, Berks County:1566, (Henry Cleverstine, p. 659) Henry Clevenstine listed as owning 50 acres, 1 horse, 2 cattle, and 2 sheep.

1785 Tax List, Robeson Township, Berks County:1567, (Henry Celwistine, p. 781) Henry Celwistine listed as owing a tax of 7.6.

1787 Baptism:224, v. 1, p. 96. Henrich Kloebenstein and Catharina served as sponsors for baptism of Johann [John Wolf] (born 18 March 1786), son of Johann Biddeler and Elisabetha, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Reading, Pennsylvania, on 13 May 1787.

1790 U.S. Census:97, p. 41. No Clevenstine [or variant] located in U.S. census of Pennsylvania in Robeson Township.

1790 Executor for Bitler Estate:95 Henry Clevenstine, 'trusty friend,' named as executor (along with Daniel Bitler) for the estate of John Bitler, deceased 2 October 1790.

1791 Baptism Sponsor:122, Baptisms, p. 47.,1603, pt. 1, p. 67. On 27 January 1791 Henrich Clewestine and wife Catharina sponsored the baptism of Georg Friedrich, son of Philippina Herpel bon 29 November 1790, according to the Rev. J. W. Boos Pastoral Acts; with the records of Schwarzwald Church.

1800 Baptism of daughter Sarah:204, transcript, p. 4; photocopy, p. 5. Sarah Klebenstein born 17 May 1800, baptized 14 August 1800 to parents Henrich Klebenstein and Cathar. Witnesses: Johann Bibbler and Elisabeth; with the records of Robeson Church.

1801 Will Witness:209 Henrich Klebenstein witnessed the will of Michael Beard, which was proved 9 January 1801, and recorded in Will Book no. 3, p. 326, Reading, Pennsylvania.

1801 Baptism of grandson Thomas:204, transcript, p. 4; photocopy, p. 7. Henrich Klebenstein and Catharine witnessed the baptism of Thomas Bart, son of Amos Bart and Maria, on 19 April 1801; with the records of Robeson Church.

1804 Remarriage:1533, v. 2, p. 467. On 8 April 1804 Matthias Kales, Justice for the Fifth District of Berks County, performed a marriage ceremony for Henry Klavenstine and Sarah Schrach, widow.

1805 Estate of Henry Clevenstine, Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:96

18 April 1805: Letters of Administration on the estate of Henry Clevenstine, yeoman, deceased, were granted by Peter Fraily, Register for the Probate of Wills and granting of Letters of Administration, in and for the County of Berks, to Sarah Clevenstine, widow and relict of Henry Clevenstine, late of Robinson Township, yeoman, deceased. George Clevenstine, a son, and Amos Bard, a son-in-law, 18 April 1805.

1 May 1805: At an Orphans Court held at Reading in and for Berks County the 1st day of May AD 1805 before Jacob Rush and his Associate Judges: The same day, before the same Judges upon the Petition of Elizabeth Clevenstine, Catharine Clevenstine, and John Clevenstine, children of Henry Clevenstine, deceased, state that they are minors above the age of fourteen years and have no guardian to take care of their persons & estates, whereupon Elizabeth made the choice of William Witman, Catharine made choice of Jacob Geiger, and John made choice of John Bidler, who were appointed by the court.

5 August 1805: At an Orphans Court held at read in and for the County of Berks, the fifth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five before James Di— and Benjamin Morris, Esquires, Justices of the said court, upon the petition of George Clevenstine, a son of Henry Clevenstine late of Robinson Township: Setting forth that his said father died intestate about four months since leaving a widow named Sarah, and issue thirteen children, to wit, your petitioner; Margaret, wife of John Sleyer; Mary, wife of Amos Beard; Henry; John; Elizabeth; Catharine; Christian; Michael; Hannah; Sarah; Daniel; and Molly, the nine last named are yet in their minority, and that the intestate died seized in his demesne and . . . fee, of and in the following lands: a messuage and tract of land situate in Robinson Township containing one hundred and ninety acres, more or less, adjoining lands of Richard Jacobs, William Scarlet, Michael Beard & others. Also two tracts continuous to each other on which there is a messuage erected situate in the Township Aford containing in the whole one hundred and forty acres, more or less, adjoining the lands of Peter Keiner M.D. (?), Adam Wickline, John Bidler, Richard Jacobs, and others. And therefore praying the court to award an inquest to make partition of said real estate with the appurtenances to and among the children and representatives of the said intestate.

7 August 1805: At an Orphans Court held at Reading for Berks County the 7th day of August AD 1805: The same day before the same Judges, upon the petition of Sarah Clevenstine widow of Henry Clevenstine deceased stating that Christian, Michael, Hanna, Sarah, Daniel & Molly, children of Henry Clevenstine, are minors under the age of fourteen years. The court appoints Jacob Geiger guardian for Molly, & Mathias Kehler Esq. for Christian, Hanna, Sarah, and Daniel.

8 April 1808: At an Orphans Court held at Reading in and for Berks County on the 8th day of April 1808 before the Honorable John Spayd, James Diemer & George Ege Esq., Judges: Upon the petition of Michael Clevenstine and Christian Clevenstine, children of Henry Clevenstine deceased, stating that Mathias Kehler Esq. was appointed Guardian to your petitioners whilst under the age of fourteen years, they therefore pray the court to admit them to make choice of some other person. They made choice of Christian Dannenhower, who was appointed. (Docket no. 5, p. 98).
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