Birth1717, Ibersheim, Palatinate672,727
Deathaft 1792, Northampton County, Pennsylvania69, p. 108. Age: 75
FatherGeorge BACHMAN (1686-1753)
MotherAnna Maria SCHNEBELE (1698-1776)
Deathbef 1788, Northampton County, Pennsylvania69, p. 108.
ChildrenAbraham (~1749-1827)
 George (1756-1834)
 Henry (Twin) (1759-1850)
 John (Twin) (1759-)
Notes for Henry BACHMAN

Family Remembrance:73, p. 1 (children on following pages) Henry born in Wurtemburg, Germany; the children of Henry and Elizabeth were: Catherine, Elizabeth (m. William Sager), Mary, Jacob, Abraham, unknown male, unknown female (m. Joseph Charles), John (b. 10/12/1756), John George (b. 10/12/1756), Henry (b. 10/21/1759; m. Margaret Sager [note: incorrect; wife was Esther Bachman]) d. 2/?/1850 Stark Co. Ohio.

Biographical Sketch (1985):69, p. 107-109. "Henry Bachman was the oldest son of John George and Maria Schnebley. Since he was born in 1717, it is not known whether he was born in Europe or in America. We know his parents were in Pennsylvania by 1727, so at least we know he was very young when they came to America if he were born in the Palatine region.

I could not find information about Elizabeth, other than the fact that she was the widow of Joseph Frye of Springfield Township prior to marrying Henry Bachman.69, p. 107. As his authority, Littrell cites Bucks County, Pennsylvania Deed Book 38, p. 186.

Prior to John George Bachman’s death, he and Anna Maria had provided for their two oldest sons, Henry and Jacob. In March of 1748, the two sons each received land in Saucon Township, Bucks County.69, p. 107. As his authority, Littrell cites Bucks County, Pennsylvania Deed Book A, v. 3, p. 86 and 88. On 1 February 1753, they conveyed five acres forty-seven perches of land in Bucks County in Upper Saucon Township to Henry.69, p. 107. As his authority, Littrell cites Northampton County Deed Book D, v. 3, Book 12, p. 2-3, Easton, Pennsylvania. They gave as the reason for this gift:

‘ . . . for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which the said John George Bachman and Maria his wife have and bear unto the said Henry Bachman and also for the better maintenance and support livelyhood and preferment of him the said Henry Bachman . . . ‘

This land deeded to Henry was part of the 110 acres which John George had purchased from John Penn and others.

John George and Anna Maria gave the same reasons for their generosity when they gave the second son, Jacob, five acres 160 perches. The land they gave him was adjacent to that land given to Henry in Upper Saucon Township.69, p. 107. As his authority, Littrell cites Northampton County Deed Book a, p. 116, Easton, Pennsylvania.

After John George Bachman’s death, his widow and other administrators gave land to John, Samuel, and Abraham as provided in John George’s will. The deed for Abraham’s land was granted 7 April 1758. He received four different tracts of land.69, p. 107. As his authority, Littrell cites Bucks County, Pennsylvania Docket B, Book K, v. B, Book 31, p. 165-168. I did not locate the deeds for John and Samuel.

Evidently Henry had financial problems. On 1 June 1767, which was ‘ . . . the seven year of the reign of Our sovereign Lord George the Third by the France of God of Great Britain France and Ireland king Defender of the Faith . . . ’ Henry used his 50 acres 47 perches of land as security for payment of 78 pounds to John Newc——.69, p. 108. As his authority, Littrell cites Northampton County Deed Book D, v. 3, p. 2-3, Easton, Pennsylvania. Then on 30 December 1769, Henry and his wife mortgaged some land to Michael Hillegas and his wife. On 15 June 1788 Henry deeded the same land, 5 acres 16 perches to his brother, John, as a pledge that 36 pound 1 shilling of the 72 pounds 2 shillings he owed would be paid by 15 June 1790. At the time of this transaction, Henry was a widower living in Upper Saucon. Therefore, we know that Elizabeth, his wife died prior to this date. The land Henry used as his pledge was some that he had purchased from his brother Jacob.69, p. 108. As his authority, Littrell cites Northampton County Deed Book G, v. 1, p. 565, Easton, Pennsylvania. Evidently he was unable to repay the loan for on 23 April 1792 he deeded the property to John.69, p. 108. As his authority, Littrell cites Northampton County Deed Book F, v. 1, p. 208-209, Easton, Pennsylvania.

Henry and Elizabeth attended the Tohickon Reformed Church. According to Hinke, this church was near the village of Keelersville in the extreme western corner of Bedminster township, Bucks County. He described the exact location as:

‘ . . . on the Old Bethlehem road, half a mile from its intersection with the Ridge road. It is three-tenths of a mile south of Weisel post office where the Old Bethlehem road crosses the Tohickon creek. The church stands on the east side fronting on the Old Bethlehem road.'154

Henry and Elizabeth had at least three of their children baptized in the Tohickon Church. I did not find baptismal records for the others. At that time the church was a log church erected in 1745. Later in 1766 a stone church was built on that property.154 This stone church was built during the life time of Henry and Elizabeth.

As stated previously, records of only three children born to Henry and Elizabeth Bachman were found in the Tohickon Reformed Church Records.154, v. 3, p. 316, 341. These three children were:

1) John George •• b. 14 October 1756; bapt. 28 December 1756. Witnesses: George and Maria Elizabeth Bucheckern. m. June 1781 to Barbara Stiehl. d. 13 April 1834.
2) John •• b. 12 October 1759; bapt. 10 December 1759. Witnesses: George Dietz and wife.738, v. 2, p. 95.
3) Henry •• b. 12 October 1759; bapt. 10 December 1759. Witness: Henry Bucheckern.
(Note that John and Henry were twins.)

Other documents, some of which have been quoted, identified other children born to Henry and Elizabeth. They were Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary, and Jacob. In addition there was Abraham:

4) Abraham •• b. 1749/50. m. to Mary Katherine Dietz (Deeds). d. January 1827."

1717 Birth:727 Recorded in the Bachman Family Bible as, "Our Son Henrich Bachmann, born 1717."

1752 Formation of Northampton County:15, p. 634. Northampton County formed from Bucks County.

1753 Father's Estate Administration:214 Johann George Bachman named his wife as Executrix and his son Henry, friend Abraham Clemens [i.e. husband of Catherine Bachman] and friend John Joeder, Jr., as overseers of his estate.

1784 Notice in The Pennsylvania Gazette:
895 August 4, 1784 notice in The Pennsylvania Gazette: "Easton, July 27, 1784. By virtue of a Writ of Venditioni Exponas to me directed, will be exposed to a public sale on the premises on Monday, the 23d day of August next, at 11 o’clock in the forenoon, that much frequented tavern, stables, and tract of land situate in Upper Saucon Township, on the great road leading to Philadelphia, bounded by land of John Bachman, Henry Bachman, and others, and containing about 30 acres, more or less, now in the tenure of Daniel Cooper, being part of the estate late of Michael Hillegas, deceased. Seized and taken in execution, by Robert Traill, Sheriff."
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