NameDaniel BITLER
Birthabt 1766, Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania1395
Death15 Jul 1822, Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania1395 Age: 56
BurialSt. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church, Geigertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania1395
FatherJohn BITLER (~1713-~1790)
Mother—— —— (-<1783)
Birth15 Oct 17761395
Death4 Mar 1846, Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania1395 Age: 69
BurialSt. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church, Geigertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania1395
Marriage14 Dec 1791, by Rev. J. W. Boos, Berks County, Pennsylvania1603, pt. 2, p. 24.,1336, p. 69.,1447, v. 1, p. 160.
ChildrenMary "Polly" (-1873)
Notes for Daniel BITLER

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Biographical Sketch (1909):53, v. 2, p. 907. "Daniel Bitler, grandfather of W. H., was a native of Robeson township, where he owned a farm of 214 acres of land, now known as the Robeson Dairy Farm. There his death occurred. He and his wife were Methodists in their religious belief. Their children were: John married Susan Bixler, and had two children, Mary and Elizabeth; Jacob m. Margaret Wamsher, and had two children, both of whom are now deceased; Daniel m. Eva Freese, and had eleven children, Levi, John, Samuel, Henry, Michael, Mary, Hannah, Eva A., Elizabeth, Christiana and Daniel; Elisha; David was never married; Michael m. Elizabeth Kachel, and had one child, Susanna; Henry m. Mary A. Kennedy, and had two children, George W., and Mary (m. Simon Clouser); Charles m. Christian Geiger, and had one child Elizabeth; Polly m. Silas Yocum; and Abigail m. Eli Dickinson. In politics Daniel Bitler, the father, was a staunch Whig."

Biographical Sketch (1909):53, v. 2, p. 1642. "Daniel Bitler, Sr., grandfather of Henry, was born in Robeson Township, where in after years he became the owner of the now well known Robeson Dairy Farm of 214 acres. He was a Methodist in religion and a Whig in politics. Of his children are John (m. Susan Bixler, and had two children, Mary and Elizabeth); Jacob (m. Margaret Wamsher, and had two children, now deceased); Daniel; Elisha (m. Ellen Wolf, and had eight children, Samuel, Sarah A., Eliza, David, Elias, Ellen, William H., and one that died young); David never married; Michael (m. Elizabeth Kachel, and had one child, Elizabeth); Henry (m. Mary A. Kennedy, and had two children, George W. and Mary); Charles (m. Christian Geiger, and had one child Elizabeth); Polly (m. Silas Yocum); and Abigail (m. Eli Dickinson)."

1766 Birth Date:1395 Calculated from age at death, 56 years, appearing on tombstone inscription, with death date of 15 July 1822.

1791 Marriage:1336, p. 69.,1603, pt. 2, p. 24.,1447, v. 1, p. 160. On 14 December 1791, Daniel Bittler married —— Aschbrentzi in Robeson Township by John William Boos, listed in records of the Schwartzwald Reformed Church.

1822 Estate:2185 On 3 August 1822 the administration of the estate of Daniel Bittler given to son Elisha Beitler and son-in-law Silas Yocum; the widow Elizabeth renounced her rights.

1822 Tombstone:1395 St. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church, Geigertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania.
Daniel Bitler
died July 15, 1822
aged 56 years

Descendant Information

Son Elias:2046, p. 30. As his authority, Humphrey cites the records of Schwartzwald Reformed church, Exeter Township, Berks County. Elias Bittler born 11 May 1800 to Daniel Bittler and wife, recorded at Schwartzwald Reformed Church, Exeter Township, Berks County. [Note: Are Elias and Elisa one and the same?]

Son Elisha:53, v. 2, p. 907. "Elisha Bitler, the father of W. H., was educated in the schools of Robeson township and remained on the home farm until eighteen years of age, when he learned the wheelwright's trade, an occupation which he followed in connection with farming practically all of his life. He died in 1889, at the age of eighty-nine years, and his wife, Ellen Wolf, in 1874. He was a Republican in politics, and for some years served as township auditor. Eight children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Bitler, seven of whom grew to maturity: Samuel, deceased m. Jane O'Neil, and had children, Elias (now deceased), Benjamin, Heber, William, Jacob, Mary E. and Annie; Sarah A. m. William Hagy and had children, Mary E., Emma C., Anna E., William K., Sarah J., Harry B. and Irvin; Eliza m. John Wells and had three children, Scott, Lydia and Sally; David m. Mary Keim, and had children, Clara, Annie, Florence, George, Elizabeth, Sally, David and Nellie; Elias m. Mary Stauffer, and had children, Charles, William, Edward, Elmer, David and Heber; Ellen m. Daniel Z. Kline, and had three children, Emma, Harvey and George, M.D.; and William H. In religious beliefs the family were Methodists."

Son Daniel:53, v. 2, p. 1642. "Daniel Bitler, son of Daniel, Sr., married Eve Freese, and became the father of eleven children, as follows: Levi; John; Samuel; Henry; Michael; Mary; Hannah; Eva A.; Elizabeth; Christiana and Daniel."

Grandson William H.:53, v. 2, p. 907. "W. H. Bitler, an auctioneer, merchant, and Justice of the Peace of Gibraltar, Pa., where he is known as a representative and substantial citizen, was born March 14, 1844 in Robeson township, Berks county, son of Elisha and Ellen (Wolf) Bitler.

William H. Bitler was educated in the schools of Robeson township, where he taught for a period of fourteen years. He left home at the age of eighteen years to attend Chester Academy, and he later took a course in the Keystone State Normal School. Engaging with the Seyfert McManus Iron Company, he worked as a puddler, but after several years he returned to farming, which he made his chief occupation until 1901. He accumulated a fine property of seventy-two acres, in Robeson Township, and in this year purchased the grocery stock of J. J. Eshelman, at whose old stand he has since carried on a successful general mercantile business. Since 1877 he has served as an auctioneer. A staunch Republican in politics Mr. Bitler was commissioned a Justice of the Peace in 1884. He and his family are Methodists. He is fraternally connected with Union Lodge, F. & A. M., of Birdsboro, Pa., and Washington Camp No. 592, P. O. S. of A.

On Jan. 16, 1868, Mr. Bitler married Lucinda Kennedy, daughter of Thomas Kennedy, and eight children have been born to this union: Laura m. B. F. Hohl, and has five children, Alice, Annie, Mabel, Willie and Laura; Charles m. Annie Moyer, and has two children, Beulah and Oralea; Britton m. Minnie O’Neal, and has one child, Hazel B.; Annie m. Harry Peiffer, and has three children, Harry, Emily, and Bessie; Elizabeth m. George O. Starke, and has children, Warren, Lester, Ruth, David, Naomi and Mathew; Mary m. Lewis Hadley, and has three sons, George W., Lester and Noble; William K. m. Sallie Lebo, and has one son, Matthew W.; and Harry B. m. Gussie Moyer, and has one son, Russell M."

Grandson Henry:53, v. 2, p. 1642. "Henry Bitler, whose death occurred on his farm in Robeson township, Dec. 2, 1902, was for many years engaged in agricultural pursuits in that locality, where he was well known and highly esteemed. He was born on the farm now occupied by his son John Bitler, near Beckersville, Oct. 22, 1833, son of Daniel and Eva Bitler.

Henry Bitler, son of Daniel, secured his education in the common schools of Robeson township, and was reared to farm pursuits. On reaching maturity he engaged in farming on his own account, purchasing a farm of fifty acres, a part of the old Jonathan Seidle estate, which he cultivated until his own death. During the Civil War he enlisted in the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, served his term, and received his honorable discharge. Mr. Bitler was known as a man of sterling integrity, and was elected by his fellow townsmen to the office of school director. In politics he was a Republican, and his religious faith was that of the Lutheran Church.

Mr. Bitler married Rebecca M. Haws, daughter of Samuel Haws, and to this union were born two children: John H., who lives on the original homestead, m. Lillian McGowan, and has one son, Henry; and Mamie E., living on her father's farm, m. John Kurtz, and has one child, Christian M."

1810 U.S. Census:646
Pennsylvania, Berks County, Robeson Township
Enumerated October 5, 1810
Head of Family •• John Bitler << eldest son of Daniel
males 10-16 •• 1
males 16-26 •• 1
females under 10 •• 1
females 10-16 •• 1
females 16-26 •• 1
Adjacent to Daniel Bitler, age 26-45

1810 U.S. Census:647
Pennsylvania, Berks County, Robeson Township
Enumerated October 5, 1810
Head of Family •• Daniel Bitler << third son of Daniel
males under 10 •• 1
males 16-26 •• 2
males 26-45 •• 1
females under 10 •• 1
females 16-26 •• 1
Adjacent to John Bitler, age 16-26.

Burials in Zion M.E. Church and Cemetery (now called Zion Mennonite Church), Zion Road, Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania:2345
BITLER, Charles H, sons of Charles H & Annie E (see Harry O.)
BITLER, Charles Z, 1 Oct 1872, 30 Sep 1872, 24y 11m 29d, son of Henry & Mary Ann
BITLER, Cleanor?, 12 Oct 1794?, 28 Mar 1873?, 75y 5m 16d, wife of Elisha
BITLER, Daniel, 19 Mar 1798, 7 Sep 1867, 69y 5m 18d, husband of Eva
BITLER, David, 18 Aug 1804, 11 May 1879, 74y 8m 24d,
BITLER, Elias J, 3 Nov 1850, 23 Mar 1881, 30y 4m 20d, Son
BITLER, Elisha, 11 May 1800, 10 Mar 1889, 88y 9m 29d, husband of Cleanor?
BITLER, Eva, 17 Feb 1801, 14 Nov 1863, 62y 8m 27d, wife of Daniel
BITLER, Hannah, 2 Apr 1822, 29 Sep 1871, 49y 3m 27d
BITLER, Harry O, sons of Charles H & Annie E (see Charles H.)
BITLER, Henry, 22 Dec 1808, 18 Mar 1865, 56y 2m 26d, husband of Mary Ann, Father
BITLER, Hugh G., son of Samuel & Jane
BITLER, infant, daughter of Samuel & Jane
BITLER, infants, daughters of Samuel & Jane
BITLER, Jacob B, 12 Mar 1919, Brother
BITLER, Jane, 10 Aug 1893, 70y 16d, wife of Samuel
BITLER, Levi, 26 Dec 1823, 10 May 1881, 57y 4m 15d, son of Daniel & Eva
BITLER, Levi James, 14 Sep 1868, 27 Oct 1875, 7y 1m 26d, son of John & Mary
BITLER, Mary Ann, 4 Feb 1902, 86y 1m 18d, wife of Henry, Mother
BITLER, Michael E, 28 Sep 1863, 10m 27d, son of Samuel & Jane
BITLER, Samuel, 7 Aug 1897, 73y 6m 18d, husband of Jane, Father

Charles H & Harry O on same stone
Sara A may be a [Bitler] as she is in a row with 7 BITLERs
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