NameJonas FROMM
Christening21 Dec 1788, by Rev. J. W. Boos, Berks County, Pennsylvania1603, pt. 1, p. 44. Age: <1
Death23 Dec 1874, Churchville, Pennsylvania817 Age: 86
BurialEmmanuel Union Church, Tusseyville, Centre County, Pennsylvania1966
FatherFrederick FROMM (1751-1814)
MotherChristina —— (~1752-1831)
Birth31 Mar 18171966
Death15 Jun 18791966 Age: 62
BurialEmmanuel Union Church, Tusseyville, Centre County, Pennsylvania1966
Notes for Jonas FROMM

1788 Birth:2046, p. 97. As his authority, Humphrey cites the records of Schwartzwald Reformed Church, Exeter Township, Berks County. Johann Jonas Fromm born 26 July 1788 to Friederich Fromm and wife, recorded with Schwartzwald Reformed Church, Exeter Township, Berks County.

1788 Baptism:1603, pt. 1, p. 44. Johann Jonas Fromm baptised by the Rev. J. W. Boos on 21 December 1788, recorded with the Schwartzwald Reformed Church, Exeter Township, Berks County.

1817 Estate Release:1632 On 28 April 1817 Frederick Fromm and his wife Polly released their rights to the tract of land belonging to Frederick Fromm, deceased. The release names the legal heirs of Frederick Fromm as follows: "the said Frederick From dying intestate seized and possessed in fee of the said tract of land with the appurtenances which became the property of the legal heirs of the said deceased, which Frederick and Jonas From, parties to these presents did take, at the appraisement, and which the remaining heirs, to wit, Frederick Neighman and Barbara his wife, Daniel Frybarger and Catherine his wife, Daniel Boone and Magdalena his wife, Daniel Stem and Sally his wife, Elizabeth From and Susan From heirs and legal representatives of the said Frederick From, deceased, did by their pleas bearing the date the eighth day of April A.D. 1816, grant, sell, and release . . . " This document released Frederick and Polly From's share of the land to Jonas From for $2,444.71. It is likely this was done in preparation for Frederick and Polly's departure for Ohio.

1837 Church Building Committee:1859, p. 407. "Emanuel’s Church. As early as 1797, William Earley, Esq., deeded the land upon which the present church is built in ‘the Loop’ to Conrad Dillman and Christopher Henney in trust, for the use of the Lutheran and German Reformed Churches. In 1810 a small log church was constructed, and the Reformed congregation formally organized by Rev. Henry Rossman in 1812. In the year 1837 a new church was erected, the building committee consisting of John Durst, Jonas From, John Neff, and John Stover."

1874 Tombstone:1308,1966 Emmanuel Union Church, Tusseyville, Centre County, Pennsylvania. (Emmanuel United Christ Church, Tusseyville Church, Emmanuel Church, and the Loop Church are all the same church, according to another Stamm2337 researcher. There is a plaque on the church which says: Emmanuel's Church, Built A.D. 1837, Remodeled A.D. 1879)
Jonas From
Born July 15, 1788
Died Dec. 23, 1874
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