NameSamuel BACHMAN
Birth14 Jan 1739, Coopersburg, Upper Saucon Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania727,679
Death15 Sep 1814, Sullivan County, Tennessee234, p. 21-22. Age: 75
BurialDouble Springs Meeting House, Sullivan County, Tennessee234, p. 21-22.
OccupationSaddler220, p. 109.
FatherGeorge BACHMAN (1686-1753)
MotherAnna Maria SCHNEBELE (1698-1776)
Death10 Aug 1823, Clover Bottom, Sullivan County, Tennessee234, p. 21-22. Age: 79
BurialDouble Springs Meeting House, Sullivan County, Tennessee234, p. 21-22.
Marriage8 Jan 1763, Port of Philadelphia234, p. 21-22.
Notes for Samuel BACHMAN

2005 DNA Confirmation:2827 Philip Ritter details evidence found in the 2005 Bachman DNA study. "A descendant of the Samuel Bachman who went to Tennessee had joined the project and his test just came back. He had a perfect match with the Rev. John Bachman's descendant and the rest of the Richterswil crowd. This Samuel was the great-grandfather of the Rev. Jonathan Waverly Bachman, whose biography had repeated and spread the William Penn secretary story. So the biographer was correct in assuming that the two Rev. Bachmans were distant relatives (most likely 2nd cousins once-removed).

There was always the tiniest bit of doubt in my mind about whether the TN Samuel Bachman was the Samuel Bachman who was the son of Johann Georg. A 1970 book on the TN Samuel Bachman family by Cornelia Ellen Bachman Phelgar (Bachman, A Record of Some of the Descendants of Samuel Bachman [1739-1814] and his wife Rachel Owen [1744-1823]) included a discussion by a professional genealogist hired by Mrs. Phelgar. The discussion makes a case that Samuel (son of Johann Georg from the Bible records) was the same Samuel who married Rachel Owen and went to TN. For example, the marriage of Rachel Owen of Upper Saucon Twp to a Samuel Bachman in Philadelphia occurred in 1763, one year after Samuel Bachman was listed in Upper Saucon Township on the tax lists as a single man, and five years after the then 19 year old Samuel (son of Johann Georg of Saucon Township) received an inheritance of land there. However despite the circumstantial evidence, there had been some who believed that the TN Samuel was a Christian Samuel Bachman who came to America somewhat later. The DNA test pretty much confirms the link to Johan Georg. It's nice when things work out."

Biographical Sketch (1970):234, p. 5-6."A question has been raised as to whether Samuel Bachman of Saucon was the Samuel Bachman who married Rachel Owen, also of Saucon, and settled in Philadelphia, or whether one Christopher Samuel Bachmann who arrived at Philadelphia in 1750 aboard the ship Edinburgh from Rotterdam might not be this man. There is nothing that I have been able to find of record which would connect this Christopher Samuel Bachmann with the Rachel Owen of Saucon nor to indicate that he was the Samuel Bachman who was taxed for land in Germantown. On the contrary, tax records indicate that Christopher Bachmann traveled inland and settled in Manhime Township, York County, where he appears on the tax lists as the owner of 50 acres, one horse and one head of cattle in 1779 and again in 1780. In 1782 his land had increased to 100 acres and he had two horses and two head of cattle. I find no other tax records for a Christopher Bachmann. It is my opinion, based on the records, that the Samuel Bachman of Saucon courted and won his neighbor, Rachel Owen, and traveled to Philadelphia where they were married and lived until they made their trip to the southern territory, and that Christopher Samuel Bachmann is in no way connected with this couple."

Biographical Sketch (1970):234, p. 9. "Samuel Bachman, the fifth son, received his portion of the Bachman land in 1758, but there is no indication that he took up residence there. He appears on the tax lists for 1762 of Upper Saucon Township as a single man. The following year, on January 18, 1763, he and Rachel Owen, daughter of David and Sarah Owen who lived not far from the Bachmans, were married at Saint Michael's and Zion Church (Lutheran) in Philadelphia. In those days there were not always ministers available in the local area. Ministers usually made periodic circuits of an area and therefore it was not uncommon for young people to travel to Philadelphia to be married. The young twenty-four year old Bachman and his bride apparently decided to remain in the Philadelphia area where he is listed as one of the owners of the Summerhausen Lot no. 1 in Germantown in 1768. In 1774 he was taxed £5 14s 8d for nine acres of land and one head of cattle in Germantown."

Biographical Sketch (1970):234, p. 21-22. "Samuel Bachman, b. 1739 Saucon Township, Pa.; d. 9-15-1814 Sullivan Co., Tenn.; m. 1-18-1763 at St. Michael's and Zion Church (Lutheran), Philadelphia, Pa., Rachel Owen, daughter of David and Sarah Owen, b, 1744, d. 8-10-1823 at 'Clover Bottom.' Both Samuel and Rachel are buried at Double Springs Meetings House churchyard, which is today attached to a thriving Baptist Church and is maintained in excellent condition. Many of the old graves are marked only be native stones; no names. The writer visited this cemetery and church more than once.

Issue: a. Jonathan, 1769-1861; b. Nathan, 1774-1859; c. Sarah, dates unknown; d. Betsy, dates unknown.

Tradition says that the older of the two sons, Jonathan, was kidnapped by Indians and ransomed, which fact may have influenced Samuel to leave Pennsylvania, but it is believed the chief reasons was his opposition to military service, being of Quaker (or Mennonite) faith. He is said to have brought the first wagon to Sullivan Co., Tenn., loaded with merchandise, some of which he traded for land. He then returned to Pennsylvania and brought his family to what is now Kingsport, probably about the year 1776."

1763 Relocation to Germantown:220, p. 109. "In May 1763 [John Shepherd] sold for £1115 all his property on the hill to Samuel Bachman, a sadler from Northampton County who the first of that year had married Rachel Owen. There may have been some dissatisfaction current in the neighborhood when news of the sale came out, for Bachman went to considerable pains to establish his integrity, bringing with him a character certificate couched in the following terms: To whom it may concern, That the bearer Samuel Bachman son of George Bachman dec'd haveing till lately and ever since his infancy been an inhabitant of Upper Saucon in Northampton Co. and he haveing as we are informed lately purchased an Estate in Germantown in Philadelphia Co. and is there now settled has requested us the subscribers in his former neighborhood in Northampton County to certify the truth as to his character and behavior amongst us. We do therefore hereby certify that he the said Samuel Bachman to the best of our knowledge either by personal acquaintance of undoubted performance to be a quiet, sober and honest and industrious person in his Life and behavior. 16 May 1763."

1764 Notice in The Pennsylvania Gazette:893 20 September 1765, "To be sold, the Tavern on Chestnut Hill, known by the Name of the Ship, together with the land belonging thereunto, opposite Mr. Bachman. Any person inclining to purchase the same may apply to the owner, Daniel Mackinet, living in the corner house of Second and Race streets in Philadelphia."

1765 Advertisement in The Pennsylvania Gazette:894 18 April 1765, "Good cyder to be sold on Chestnut Hill, three miles from Germantown, enquire of Samuel Bachman."

1767 Notice in The Pennsylvania Gazette:898 25 June 1767, "To be sold or let on reasonable terms; and may be entered upon immediately; a two story stone dwelling house, with a very good orchard of an acre and a half, situate on Chestnut Hill in Germantown Township, just below Samuel Bachman. It is the house which was lately occupied by Abraham Shoemaker, deceased; and is spacious enough for two families. It is an extraordinary fine and advantageous situation for any tradesman or public business. For further particulars apply to the owner, Henry Juncken."

1771 Notice in The Pennsylvania Gazette:897 21 November 1771, "By virtue of a writ to me directed, will be exposed to public sale on Tuesday, the 10th of December next, at 11 o’clock in the forenoon (and to be struck off precisely at two) at the house of Samuel Bachman, on Chestnut Hill, a certain messuage and tract of land, situate on Chestnut Hill in Germantown Township, containing three acres and a half, and 10 perches, or thereabouts; bounded by the Great Road leading to Plymouth, the Great Road leading to North Wales, and by lands late of Michael Eckard, deceased. And a certain other tract of land, situate in the said township, containing 21 acres and 100 perches, be the same more or less, bounded by lands of Wiggard Miller, and others; late the estate of John Bouss, deceased; seized and taken in execution by Joseph Redman, Esq., late Sheriff, and to be sold by Judah Foulke, Sheriff."

Descendant Information

Sarah:1441 "Sarah Bachman, daughter of Samuel Bachman and Rachel Owen, was born 15 January 1768, Upper Saucon Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, died 15 September 1849, Roane County, Tennessee. She married John Barnard about 1785."
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